JVC Adixxion GC XA1

  1. The videos are dark, out of focus and washed out, in the evening all the details are hard to recognize.
  2. Underwater shots are blurred as soon as you move the camera.
  3. With two screw connections and a waterproof LCD color monitor, the GC-XA1 leaves nothing to be desired.
  4. Thanks to the color LCD and four controls, the camera can also be operated without a smartphone.
  5. The GC-XA1 is not much to worry about in harsh conditions, whether it’s on skis, surfboards or handlebars, you can take them with you without hesitation.
  6. Operation is rendered unnecessarily difficult by the rather unusual application of buttons and screen.
  7. The ‘Adixxion’ (dollars 329) is also ‘nude’ up to five feet waterproof.
  8. At the 126 gram light camera we liked the robust housing, which lies well in the hand with its elongated form and the rubber texture while running.
  9. The colors look quite strong in the photo and video.
  10. The digital image stabilization obviously works well, image noise is more visible, the image angle is narrower, especially in the highest resolution.
  11. Screen allows you to adjust the camera well and the menu is simple.
  12. With its Full HD video capability, the ‘GC-XA1’ delivers superb footage in every situation.
  13. These can be played back immediately on the 1.5-inch LCD monitor.
  14. First, the sturdy, but tiny case with the small display on the side falls on.
  15. If the camera should come loose from the mount in a wild ride, it will remain insensitive at a drop of two meters.
  16. And even at minus temperatures down to 10 degrees Celsius below zero, it remains functional.
  17. Only the details of the 5x digital zoom and the image angle of 170 degrees will be announced there.
  18. The automatic white balance is said to be inadequate, as in the case of overcast skies the pictures have a cold blue cast and in the sunshine the colors appear too warm.
  19. Video recordingThe small action videos can be recorded in full HD with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.
  20. The image control and playback can be tracked on a 1.5 inch tiny display.
  21. The very pleasant Wi-Fi support facilitates the transport of data to other devices, if one has the attitudes, which are not always revealed to a layman.
  22. Competing products such as the Gopro HD are technically more mature and offer better picture quality.
  23. In practice, the action cam beats neatly, but by no means outstanding.
  24. Already is that JVC the Adixxion both side and at the bottom donated a tripod thread, so that the camera can be flexibly attached.
  25. JVC GC-XA1 The JVC GC-XA1 is waterproof and can be remotely controlled from the smartphone.
  26. The JVC GC-XA1’s housing is shockproof, dustproof, frost resistant and water resistant to a depth of five meters.
  27. Thanks to Wi-Fi support, you can stream videos to your PC in the form of files or streamed to your PC.

JVC Adixxion GC XA1

JVC Adixxion GC XA1

JVC Adixxion GC XA1

Jvc Gc Xa1 Adixxion Action Camcorder

JVC enters the action camcorder market with a rugged camera, capable of capturing HD video in snow, water or on land. JVC GC

Jvc Adixxion Action Camera Unbiased Detailed Review Gc Xa With Actual Sound And Video

JVC Adixxion Action Camera Review GCXA1 Sample raw footage at: 6:19 showing how awful the audio is 7:05 audio after putting

Nixxell Charger For JVC BN-VH105 And JVC GC-XA1, GC-XA2 ADIXXION Action Camera

Nixxell charger for JVC BN VH105 and JVC GC XA1, GC XA2 ADIXXION Action Camera

  1. Built in 3RD GENERATION JAPANESE LED INDICATOR chip guides charger to stop working once battery is fully charged.
  2. Made with Premium Japanese Parts,Professional Grade , OEM Equivalent or Better !
  3. Fully Decoded Microchip, allows Batteries & charger to work with Original Camera.
  4. World Charger : Comes with Bonus Euro & Car adapter for convenience while travelling.

Buy for $ 5.99

SJCAM SJ360 Plus Panoramic Wifi Action Camera 360 Degrees VR Handheld Full Visual Surround Panoramic Mini Camcorder

SJCAM SJ360 Plus panoramic Wifi Action Camera 360 Degrees VR Handheld Full Visual Surround Panoramic Mini Camcorder

  1. SJCAM panoramic camera’s built-in 1700mAh large-capacity battery can record 90 full minutes of HD panorama video with WIFI off,and 75 mins when WIFI is on.
  2. A Professional image processor that is perfect for achieving smooth recordings with real-time preview, great for indoors and outdoors, for travel, for business, or any other application.

Buy for $ 135.00