JR Propo Ninja 400MR

  1. The ninja flies very agile and direct and not at all, as one had thought of a multicopter.
  2. Cyclic inputs are implemented very accurately, the locking behavior is almost as direct as one is used to from a helicopter.
  3. You also have to adjust to a different, less direct response to pitch.
  4. Be it the fast flight after work or the welcome change on the airfield – you just have fun? with the 3D multicopter.
  5. But JR once again offers a complete package that is consistent and everything fits together perfectly, the mechanics and the electronics.
  6. Alternatives on the market, a consistently high quality and good support have convinced me.
  7. If you are looking for a 3D quadrocopter that takes up little space, can be flown in the tightest of spaces, and has lots of fun? power is exactly right with the NINJA 400 MR.
  8. Somehow, I always hung around with the Ninja 400MR from JR.
  9. Unlike most other 3D quads, the ninja is not symmetrical, but has a more swept silhouette.

Jr Multicopter Ninja 400mr

NINJA 400MR is a very unique 3D quadcopter which enable you to do 3D flight. The motor can reverse its rotation quickly and you

Jr Propo Ninja Mr D Quadcopter


JR Propo Ninja 400 MR 3D quadcopter.