1. This allows the user to change memory cards as often as they like during video recording, without having to interrupt the recording when the memory capacity of a card has been exhausted.
  2. However, one should not make too high demands on the sound quality, as a connection for an external microphone is missing.
  3. The internal microphone is placed next to the attachment of the hand strap, and is therefore very sensitive to background noise.
  4. Comfort-additional functions such as time-lapse or slow-motion, which usually drive up the price in modern video formats, are not available.
  5. For the output via HDTV and projector, the device comes with an HDMI interface and a matching cable (the latter is by no means self-evident).
  6. The release button for photos is on the Jay-Tech DDV-H7 mounted on the top of the case.
  7. This reduces blurring when firing – convenient, as an optical image stabilizer is unfortunately missing.
  8. Regrettable shortcomings in terms of sound recording are compensated by good image quality, versatile storage options and an attractive price.
  9. But it certainly has a connection for an external microphone, which can also be used as a headphone or AV connection.
  10. Since I could already be a little sour, if this is in the technical details and it may be

Jay Tech Ddv H7 Full Hd


Testvideo für Reviewartikel zur DDVH7 von JAYtech auf mobilpresse.de.


Jaytech Ddv H Testvideo Full Hd X

Testvideo für Reviewartikel zur DDVH7 von JAYtech auf mobilpresse.de.