Ion Audio Twin Video

  1. This technical solution allows the user to simultaneously film the subject and himself and leave a comment on what it sees in the picture at any time.
  2. With the split-screen feature, the image can be split into two or more areas to show different actions in parallel.
  3. The PIP function makes it possible to watch a different movie in a small preview image during the video clip in progress.
  4. With the stereo microphone, the cameraman can prefer one or the other direction during recording.
  5. The Twin VideoCam uses the SD (HC) cards available everywhere as storage media.
  6. Social web enthusiasts will certainly enjoy the video camera Twin Video from Ion Audio.
  7. The exact release date of the camera (the 2nd
  8. Quarter 2010) and its price has not been announced by Ion Audio.

Ion Audio Twin Video

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Hands On With Ion Twin Video

In this informal video review I chat about the ION Twin Video, the first pocket video camera that has two lenses (and microphones) —

TNTi™ Twin Turbo Vertical Cooling Stand – Xbox One S Intercooler And USB Hub Expansion

TNTi™ Twin Turbo Vertical Cooling Stand   Xbox One S Intercooler and USB Hub Expansion

  1. Triple Cooling Fans – Keep your Xbox One S cool and functioning at optimal performance with the triple fan intercooler .
  2. No need to worry about your console overheating from long hours of game play while also extending the life of your console.
  3. Charging Station – Charging station with 2 USB charger ports to charge more of your controllers or accessories simultaneously, saving you time and keeping them charged when your not gaming.
  4. TNT interactive’s Twin Turbo Intercooler for the Xbox One S!<
  5. Microsoft Xbox One S Vertical Space Saving Stand and triple fan intercooler to organize your Gamer Gear.
  6. The Twin Turbo provides you with everything you need to functionally organize your gaming space and keep your console running cold!<