Hammacher Schlemmer Third Eye Video Camera

  1. Especially for extreme athletes and adventurers, this spherical video camera, the Third Eye Camera by Hammacher Schlemmer.
  2. USB port, the images can be transferred directly to a PC.
  3. A video output is also available, so that the connection to a TV is possible.
  4. Two and a half hours of video can be recorded without interruption – that’s enough power.
  5. The microSD card can hold up to six hours of film or 1200 photos.
  6. It is almost impossible to do so with the necessary care.
  7. Experience report from the perspective of the harried editor Wolfgang Winne.
  8. Both film videos in high-resolution in the space-saving, but still new video format AVCHD.
  9. The criteria included image quality (visual inspection, image stabilizer. ), operation (operating instructions, operating menu. ) as well as other factors (charging ability, included battery type / capacity. ).
  10. Amongst others, image quality, image stabilizer and handling wereed.

Hammacher Schlemmer Third Eye Video Camera

Wolfcom 3rd Eye Presentation Video 2014

www.wolfcomusa.com This is a presentation video of the Wolfcom 3rd Eye police and military body worn camera system.

Hammacher Schlemmer HD Video Sunglasses

Skateboarding Video using HD Video Sunglasses. 720p HD video recording just above your eyes. Think of it as your third eye.