GoBandit GPS HD

  1. The compact device can be attached to a helmet, sports glasses or other equipment and record the HD video.
  2. The geographic location of the location is recorded using a GPS receiver.
  3. The model is equipped with a GPS receiver that records not only the geographical position but also the speed and altitude.
  4. During playback, these parameters run in parallel, as in a video game.
  5. Its internal memory can accommodate two gigabytes of data.
  6. Up to 32 gigabytes can be added using an SD memory card.
  7. But that does not mean you can dive with it, as with some other models.
  8. In the trade it should be available from April 2010 for around 330 euros.

GoBandit GPS HD

Gobandit Gps Hd

Excellente caméra embarquée, elle saura vous combler. En effet elle capable de filmer en 1280×720 pixels à 30 images par

Gobandit Gps Action Camera Box Opening


PointOfViewCameras.com unboxing the new gobandit GPS Action camera. The gobandit will soon be available for pre-order

Ram Mount 1-Inch Diameter Ball With 1/4-Inch-20 Stud For Cameras, Video And Camcorders (Black)

Ram Mount 1 Inch Diameter Ball with 1/4 Inch 20 Stud for Cameras, Video and Camcorders (Black)

  1. The round plate provides extra support and stability for cameras that rest on top of it.
  2. Ram mounts aren’t super strong, and I have broken one off (different Ram mount, one with no steel screw insert) under the ball, but it was abuse by me that broke it.
  3. I had it holding a camera, XM radio, and cb mic on a custom platform.
  4. I should have put the cb mike in the center, as I expect the added torque of trying to replace the mike blindly while riding the bike eventually cracked the ball.
  5. I bought it to hold a rig to hold two gopros and it’s plenty strong enough for that.
  6. I think it may be strong enough to hold my dslr but I don’t think I’ll try that.
  7. I thought it was a replacement for the base part so I didn’t want to open the plastic bag.
  8. I even started the return process before I thought to check if it was a cap (sorry about that).
  9. I use RAM mounts in many applications and have had nothing but flawless results!

Buy for $ 8.96