Geonaute 360
  1. Thus, 360 degrees in horizontal and 150 degrees in vertical direction are recorded.
  2. Waterproof and shockproof thanks to protective housingThe camera for all-round shooting can be attached to the helmet, on smooth surfaces or on clothing.
  3. So that it is not damaged during water or winter sports, it can be used with protective housing.
  4. This is waterproof to 100 meters, so that diving in the depths of the sea are also possible.
  5. Despite its splash-proof metal housing, the camera weighs just 255 grams and is hardly heavier with Schutzgehause.
  6. So it is not comparable to the usual action cams, which sometimes weigh only 65 to 120 grams, but just do not have three lenses and three image sensors have.
  7. While watching the video, you can change the perspective.
  8. This makes it feel like you were really there.
  9. Finally, single, continuous shooting and time-lapse photography are possible.
  10. The video material is saved as MP4 / H2.64 on MicroSD card.
  11. Remote control A backlit, small display informs about the settings and the battery condition.
  12. The sound recordings are made with a mono microphone.
  13. Conclusion To the 400 euros one has to spend for the special all-round camera.
  14. With it unusual images are possible and viewing becomes an interactive experience.

Geonaute 360 // World’S First 360° Actioncam

SEE THE 360 VIDEO: It’s been a long shot, but here

Feeding Video To The Oculus Rift With The Geonaute Camera At Ces

The Geonaute 360 is a panoramic camera that ports footage to the Oculus Rift. More from The Verge: Subscribe:

DURAGADGET Mini USB Car Charger With 1 Metre Lead For Geonaute 360, Polaroid XS100/XS7/XS9, Hyundai MC2020, Screen Lens FHD & ACT-V-10001 Speed Cam

DURAGADGET Mini USB Car Charger with 1 Metre Lead for Geonaute 360, Polaroid XS100/XS7/XS9, Hyundai MC2020, Screen Lens FHD & ACT V 10001 Speed Cam
  1. The charger features a cable which is flexible and insulated to ensure easy charging in your vehicle wherever you have your device.
  2. The charger has a built in fuse to prevent any damage to your device should there be a problem with the electrics on your vehicle and it also prevents the battery from overcharging.
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