Garmin VIRB
  1. Action camera VIRB shines at runtime, but is a bit heavy due to a relatively large battery.
  2. The image quality pleased all theers, also the possibility, thanks to the built-in Garmin GPS receiver nachtraglich position, speed or height in the videos to be able to show, received a lot of encouragement.
  3. Provides decent videos and photos, a bit dark in low light.
  4. After all, Garmin renounces an extra housing, which benefits the service.
  5. The flip side of the coin: For underwater shots, the Garmin camera is hardly suitable, it takes an extra housing from the accessories department.
  6. Camera functions and video quality are identical, and so convinced the Virb with natural images.
  7. Operation is very pleasant, even when switched off is sufficient to operate the slider, and the camera is not only turned on, but also records directly.
  8. And if you like it comfortably, Virb can remotely control it using a free smartphone app.
  9. The picture quality is good even under poor lighting conditions, the battery lasts extremely long.
  10. The video can also be recorded in 1080p mode with 30 frames per second.
  11. Including a small display Unlike other actioncams, the VIRB, despite its compact size, has a 1.4-inch-wide chroma display that allows image control.
  12. In addition, settings can be made without the camera having to be removed from the holder.
  13. Although the screen does not turn off, the power consumption according to the manufacturer remains low.
  14. You should be able to film full HD resolution for a full three hours.
  15. Good picturesThe pictures have a good quality, since the light meets at least a 1 / 2.3 inch large CMOS sensor.
  16. With the help of the distortion correction LDC images are also optimized.
  17. With the slow-motion feature, you can present fast movements to the viewer in a way that makes them easy to understand.
  18. ConclusionAlthough the VIRB is not as multifunctional as its big brother, it still leaves breathtaking and suspenseful filming in Full HD quality.
  19. In addition to various brackets for example helmet or steering wheel, you can also buy an underwater housing for the small video camera.
  20. Because without additional protection, the device can dive for only 30 minutes only one meter deep.
  21. On Amazon, among other things as a helmet camera used equipment for about 220 EUR is listed.
Garmin VIRB
Garmin VIRB
Garmin VIRB

Gopro Hero5 Black Vs Garmin Virb Ultra 30 Fight!

Here’s everything you could possibly want to know about comparing these two action cams. Seriously. Everything. VIRB Ultra 30: 4K

Garmin Virb Ultra // Hands On First Look!

CHECK OUT ON AMAZON ↓↓↓↓ Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 – Hands On First Look! This is the latest action

Garmin Virb 360 – Rugged, Waterproof 360-degree Camera With 5.7K/30fps Resolution And 4K Spherical Stabilization

Garmin Virb 360   Rugged, Waterproof 360 degree Camera with 5.7K/30fps Resolution and 4K Spherical Stabilization
  1. HyperFrame Director Mode gives you the editing power to easily reframe content after filming — using smooth camera pans, incredibly wide angles and even tiny planets.
  2. Spherical stabilization ensures smooth video regardless of camera movement.
  3. I’d buy one of these on its own — the build-quality was solid, it was small enough to be handheld, but didn’t feel like it would blow over at the slightest gust.
  4. This alone is going to be one very overlooked aspect of this product.
  5. It feels totally solid, like it could be knocked around without being truly affected.
  6. I loved that it came with a standard tripod mount and a GoPro mount, making this compatible with pretty much every camera mount that I own.
  7. So while it doesn’t stitch them together in-camera, this can be done in post.
  8. It still had pretty noticeable stitch lines, even in perfect lighting.
  9. Speaking of lighting, the grain is very real in anything other than optimal light.
  10. In a dark-ish restaurant (yes, dark-ish is a technical measurement), the video quality was very poor.
  11. The Bad:
    – If you’re buying this to use for Google Street View, don’t.
  12. Google Maps, Facebook, and others require 360º photos to be at a 2:1 aspect ratio.
  13. Garmin’s automotive support (the team you’ll get if you write in about your camera) let me know that there likely won’t be a solution for this, as Garmin and Google had a falling-out 4-5 years ago over Maps.
  14. Using the latest-available firmware, I’d have to restart the camera if I wanted the Wifi to connect.
  15. I wasn’t able to successfully connect it to my phone via Bluetooth, though that option is built-in.
  16. This is typical of a first-gen product, which wasn’t a dealbreaker, however…
    – Images aren’t accessible without either removing the camera’s memory card, or linking it to your phone.
  17. The Virb app is completely unusable without it being linked to a phone, so there’s no way to review images that are synced with your phone without the camera being turned on and connected, or without using a third-party app.
  18. Yes, it’s compatible with a wide array of mounts, but there are no other parts for it.
  19. No spare batteries, so bring a charger everywhere, and especially no cases/pouches/bags, meaning that both lenses are exposed all the time.
  20. If you’re looking for a rugged action cam that shoots in 360º and don’t want to buy GoPro’s big rig, then this is a solid starter camera for you.
  21. If you’re looking to take 360º photos in anything but ideal light, or you’re looking for a new camera to submit photos to Google Street View, I’d take your wallets elsewhere.
  22. I’ve since returned this camera, as it missed many of my personal expectations.
  23. Others take good quality of both, but don’t have stabilization or expandable memory (Theta V).
  24. Finding reviews to meet my exact needs was proving difficult, so I figured I’d give the gamin a try.
  25. Even at highway speeds, I didn’t feel concerned that any debris would destroy it.
  26. I used it at work on a night flight, and I was surprised at the night time video quality.
  27. The desktop app offers great viewing options (HyperFrame), which was one of the features I was looking for.
  28. The only way to get decent photos is doing tiny planets, or any other type of zoomed out 360 to 2D photo…which this defeats some of the purpose of having a 360 camera.
  29. Outside of mounting the camera and using the video record switch, the camera is awkward to use.
  30. This isn’t a camera you’d walk around holding in your hand to take pictures while on a walking trip.
  31. It has to connect to the device’s wifi and this takes too much time.
  32. If your only goal is great video, this is definitely a good option, even though there are other cameras coming out with the same video quality for cheaper.
  33. If you want video with cool angles and a speedometer and other cool gauges, this is for you.
  34. You can remotely take pictures, record videos and see what the camera is seeing and even interact with the 360º live image, changing the angle.
  35. I tested it from around 30 ft, nothing between me and the camera and it worked.
  36. It came with two adapters, one Go-Pro style and one for regular cameras, so you can pretty much use all the mounting accessories that you already own.
  37. It is already water proof, but not for scuba dive (only 10 m).
  38. It has all the G-Metrix sensors (GPS/GLONASS, Accelerometer, Barometer, Gyroscope and Compass).
  39. The images are grainy and a bit distorted due to the wide angle lenses.
  40. The stitching is not perfect, you will see two lines where the images are stitched with missing information.
  41. It would be nice to have a soft case to protect the camera.
  42. One of the two sides is the one that you will see first when watching the video/photos, I wish it had a mark, so you would face that side to the most important area that you are trying to capture.
  43. My guess is that they did not have the processing power to stitch the images in higher resolution.
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Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera
  1. For adventures in the wet or snow, you’ll love its LCD display and microphone that work even in the waterproof case.
  2. Plus, you can live-stream your video adventures with friends online.
  3. I know it is a surprise among the sea of thinly veiled reviewers that have to have the disclaimer: “I received the product for a fair and quality review…meaning it is bribed review.” Sigh…I hate those I actually bought the Virb ultra with my hard earned cash working.
  4. I purchased it so I could record my lessons and thought about getting dual use as a light camera and go any where action camera for fun.
  5. I am not extreme so have not tested this while jumping off a mountain into snow or swimming with sharks.
  6. Although the altitude does not match the planes altitude after taking off and flying for a bit but it is close at times (off by 100 – 300 feet at times).
  7. SO now that I know that the virb ultra 30 i actually a lot closer to the right altitude.
  8. The speed matches well and the tracking function is really helpful.
  9. I will try to dig into why the altitude doesn’t match closer after take off (maybe the refresh rate on the altimeter?
  10. Metrics on board is nice and the Garmin edit software is great and easy to use.
  11. Blinking lights on camera make it easy to tell if it is recording or on standby.
  12. Size is small and button layout is very straight forward is easy.
  13. No weird funky missed touches and is responsive, simple and layout well.
  14. Bad:
    Not many accessories yet…I am sure they are coming and they are responsive to suggestions so it is shaping up to be a good product all around.
  15. Going to need extra batteries or way to connect to battery pack for long recording or especially 4k.
  16. I was able to get about 1 hour 20 minutes on a full battery at 1080p 30 fps ( maybe if I turned off wifi and few others I can increase that).
  17. Final thoughts:
    Even with the gopro new release coming up I am happy with the Ultra 30 and will be keeping it because the metric data capabilities are amazing.
  18. I hope Garmin continues to invest in the Ultra 30 software development and accessories.
  19. In the photo you can see I have the Garmin cage with protective lens (only available through Garmin as of this moment).
  20. It is a great accessory if you do not need the hard plastic protective casing during filming.
  21. It is easy to get the camera in and out and quickly mounted.
  22. I highly recommend it if you would like a hands free operation without using voice commands (which work really well) Disclaimer: I bought the product and liked it.
  23. I will try to update the review as I continue to use it and learn.I wish there was battery pack I could plug into it to keep it running longer.
  24. Update: I attached 3 photos I took to show the basic picture quality.
  25. I’ve had the opportunity to use this camera for a few weeks now, excuse my grammar.
  26. Ill start with the case, I’m still waiting on, “the cage” which I intend to use more than the waterproof housing.
  27. Voice command works well as long as you speak clearly and don’t have high noise or wind.
  28. What I love about this Garmin and the other two generations of Garmin cameras, have been the recoding on/off toggle switch.
  29. You eliminate the gopro selfie face or always relying on your partner to double check if it’s on or it’s recording.
  30. With the toggle switch you have 100% certainty you’re recording.
  31. The Ultra camera has a high sensitivity touch screen that will work with the dive housing.
  32. It obviously has it’s limitations but give it a chance and you’ll learn it works just fine.
  33. Video Quality compared to a Hero 4 Black
    It has all the same resolutions and frame rates as the 4 black.
  34. I do believe the sharpness is a bit better with the Ultra, I haven’t been able to confirm if its due to the lens or just less compression.
  35. With these settings enabled you’re actually allowing for the most amount of information to be stored on each frame, whether it’s a photo or 120 frames per second on the slo mo option, It gives you the most dynamic range to edit afterwards.
  36. App developers, Third party software and “Gopro back” add ons have added unnecessary bulk and complexity to the competitors camera.
  37. Battery life
    As you may expect this camera is working considerably harder than most cameras on the market.
  38. If you’re running the GPS, have sensors connected, and constantly looking through the viewfinder, you’re going to burn through this battery.
  39. Every one will have different experiences on battery life with this camera.
  40. I’d like to point out again that I’m using the view finder quite a bit, I use the GPS constantly and will have my heart rate paired up as well.
  41. I switch back forth between having the voice control on or off.
  42. A couple examples I’ve used it for; Mountain biking, and shooting with a 3-axis gimbal.
  43. I’ll come back and try and brush up this review from time to time, but for now I can’t see why you would even consider the Gopro 4 black over this.
  44. Long time GoPro user, was using a Hero4 Black and have also owned both prior Garmin VIRB models.
  45. This camera has all of the bells-and-whistles, like 4K/30, GPS, advanced photo/video settings and stabilization modes.
  46. Recording or photo taking can be initiated through physical buttons (like your traditional camera), on the LCD display or through the mobile app or remotes found on other Garmin products like Edge or Vivosmart.
  47. The touch-screen works really well, even through the hard case, which is really convenient.
  48. Simplicity is what I want in an action camera, so that I don’t miss a shot and I can just focus on the activity.
  49. The Garmin VIRB Edit and Mobile apps have come a long way, and are now very good control and editing tools.
  50. You’d think it would be the other way around, but that is not what I’ve experienced.
  51. I am so glad that I now have a replacement for GoPro with an action camera that is more capable and easier to use.
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Action camera VIRB shines at runtime, but is a bit heavy due to a relatively large battery. The image quality pleased all theers, also the possibility, thanks to the built-in Garmin GPS receiver nachtraglich position, speed or height in the videos to be able to show, received a lot of...