Garmin VIRB XE

  1. The action cam is waterproof without additional protection housing.
  2. Also makes good videos over water, even very good shots at high resolution.
  3. Data transfer and loading goes without cover openings over external contacts – clever.
  4. You can connect a headset via Bluetooth with and get the sound recorded in better quality.
  5. Distortions can be corrected in the camera, which works perfectly – compliment.
  6. The sharpness is good, but the sound is very dull – which is due to the watertightness.
  7. Garmin’s Actioncam measures speed, heart rate and altitude.
  8. Also, the Garmin Actioncam records the G-forces, which affect the athlete.
  9. The ability to control the image is eliminated, because Garmin waived a display.
  10. Somewhat small, the digital display on the top falls out: Only one inch is too little to be informed about the recording mode.
  11. A clear plus are the separate triggers for photo and video.
  12. However, a slide switch as a video shooter is not really happy, especially since this is quite difficult and so at the beginning and of each recording inevitably leads to wobbly.
  13. After all, there is an electronic image stabilizer, which auszubelten fine shaking halfway.
  14. In addition, the service is right; meaningful speed and acceleration evaluations are possible thanks to the GPS sensor and the free software.
  15. In contrast, the operation is easy from the hand, the menu is clear.
  16. When shooting, color and sharpness fall short of the expectations of the price range, whereas contrasts are well represented.
  17. The Garmin Virb XE adds a new top-of-the-range model that is waterproof up to 50 meters even without a separate protective housing – a real unique selling proposition.
  18. But it is about the weight of an action cam including housing.
  19. This saves you from inserting and removing the camera from a separate housing.
  20. So the battery can be exchanged and the Micro SD card removed.
  21. It records full HD video at up to 60 frames per second.
  22. An electronic image stabilizer assisted by a motion sensor ensures smooth shots.
  23. That’s how beautiful series of fast movements can be shot.
  24. A display for displaying the video image does not exist.
  25. Only a small status display provides information about current settings.
  26. But also a position sensor and an acceleration sensor are part of the equipment of the VIRB.
  27. The camera records the information from these sensors, which can then be incorporated into the video using Garmin’s own editing software or app.
  28. For example, you can view G-forces or speed in the video.
  29. Thanks to the WLAN module, the action cam can also be controlled via smartphone.
  30. In addition, several cameras of the new VIRB generation can be remotely controlled from one camera.
  31. The recording times are synchronized using the GPS sensors, which makes a time code unnecessary.
  32. Whether this feature is accepted by the users or turns out to be excessive gimmick, however, has yet to be proven.
  33. Professional film and recreational divers are very well advised with the Hero 4 Black.
  34. The Garmin Virb XE is in a high-quality and cleverly designed housing.
  35. Behind the cover are not only battery and memory card, but also a drying pack.
  36. On the top there is a display for the menu display – a screen for the image control, however, is missing.

Garmin VIRB XE

Garmin VIRB XE

Garmin VIRB XE

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Garmin Charging Cable For Virb X & XE

Garmin Charging Cable for Virb X & XE

  1. Connect the cable to your computer’s USB port to recharge your VIRB X or XE action camera and to transfer data to and from your computer.

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    Garmin Virb XE

    Garmin Virb XE

    1. WATERPROOF – Waterproof to 50 meters without a case, allowing control of cleaner and clearer video and audio.
    2. Truly built for rough conditions, VIRB XE provides gyro based imagestabilization and stunning clear 12MP photos at up to 30fps.
    3. The rugged compact camera fits every activity and all conditions with a waterproof rating of 50meters, with no case needed.

    Buy for $ 399.99