Garmin VIRB Elite

  1. In the, it provided detailed films, fine image noise was recognizable.
  2. In low light, dark areas of the picture also drink. “Sound quality:” Somewhat quiet and tinny “; Extras: “141 minutes of battery life, Wi-Fi, GPS”; Sports Fitness: “Good, 168 grams, up to 1 meter waterproof”; Operation: “Simple”.
  3. In terms of image and sound to move on a good level, but there is still a need for improvement.
  4. Records geodata and communicates via WLan with smartphone and tablet.
  5. Otherwise like the simple sister device: videos and photos passable.
  6. The camera is packed with numerous sensors that weigh heavily on weight, so we did not recommend them for filming.
  7. Garmin Virb Elite needs an extra protective housing and it is well served.
  8. The slightly light videos showed a magenta color cast.
  9. Quick movements of the camera significantly reduced the detail reproduction.
  10. Underwater, slick, blurry videos emerged; the sharp remained even with strong additional light mau.
  11. Quality and features are correct: The Garmin videos look very natural and less gaudy than the GoPro.
  12. Exciting: Using editing software, data such as tempo or heart rate can be superimposed on the video image.
  13. The heavy Virb is good to use, the picture quality is good, but not intoxicating.
  14. It stores GPS data and information such as the cyclist’s heart rate and cadence or stores temperatures.
  15. The video is linked to the map information and can serve as a training aid.
  16. The heart rate is measured via the chest sensor, and the multifunctional device receives the cadence via the bicycle’s crank.
  17. Height and speed can also be displayed if you are not filming.
  18. You can also attach them to the helmet and fly it through the air, as this video impressively proves.
  19. Series pictures can be taken with six pictures in one second, time-lapse pictures are possible in several intervals.
  20. A digital image stabilizer is available, but is not working as intended.
  21. Learnable operationThe device can be operated using a slider and a few buttons.
  22. Even better is the operation via smartphone via app.
  23. The preview has just under two seconds of delay, but disappears during the recording.
  24. The sound quality of the action cam can be snapped into place, but produces an extremely audible rattle in the video.
  25. As the spoken word goes down, wind noise is barely suppressed.
  26. ConclusionThe collected data can be overlaid on the video image using the Garmin editing software.
  27. For attaching the Garmin Virb Elite, the Bicycle Bundle offers numerous options for helmet and handlebar attachment.
  28. The adhesive pads hold very well and, together with the grid of the screw connection, provide a stable connection that allows many adjustment possibilities.
  29. The processing shows a lot of experience in the construction of robust equipment.

Garmin VIRB Elite

Garmin VIRB Elite

Garmin VIRB Elite

Long And Detailed Garmin Virb Elite Review

Long and detailed Garmin VIRB Elite Review including camera operation and VIRB Edit Software. If you want to purchase this

Garmin Virb Elite Review + Video Footage [Full Hd]

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Garmin Refurbished Virb Elite Action Camera Fitness Tracker For Smartphone, Black

Garmin Refurbished Virb Elite Action Camera Fitness Tracker for Smartphone, Black

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  2. Use it and mount it virtually anywhere-whether on your helmet while mountain climbing or on your handlebar during a bike ride.

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