Fantec BeastVision HD

  1. In practice, the Beast Vision HD was able to convince by very good film footage, even the depth of focus, a criticism of earlier editions with an older firmware, seems to have been improved in the new version.
  2. So you can control recorded footage on the go.
  3. However, it must be taken off in recordings that require a waterproof housing, again.
  4. Except for slight distortions in very bright ambient light, the quality of the images can always be seen.
  5. To counteract a bit here, the exposure can be changed in three settings.
  6. Slow motion or fast motion, the sound of the full HD action cam is also worth mentioning, which isolates the sounds of wind or water when recording.
  7. It is versatile, does not have to hide from any competition.
  8. However, that is to be overcome, since most functions are self-explanatory.
  9. The BeastVision from Fantec offers a very good image quality and usability with good features for a fraction of the cost that a comparable GoPro would devour.
  10. The Motorsports Edition by Fantec is equipped with appropriate brackets especially for use at very high speeds.
  11. And so you have all the utensils together, there is a bag on top.
  12. In addition, the following frame rates per second can be set with a resolution of 848 x 480 pixels: 120, 100, 60 and 50.
  13. The shooting angle can also be varied with settings of 170, 145 and 120 degrees.
  14. And so that the recordings do not in the silent era, you can use the built-in stereo microphone or you can connect an external microphone.
  15. Purchase RecommendationMan gets paid a lot for choosing a Fantec BeastVision, and can purchase an optimized mounting system, depending on the application.
  16. The image quality speaks for itself and can be viewed on the manufacturer’s website.
  17. Because here it hooks up with GoPro and the required accessories devour huge sums of money.
  18. With the BeastVision HD you have waived a rich basic equipment and offers the actioncam for certain areas.
  19. FeaturesFor use on the bike, helmet and various other places, the basic equipment of the bike model is quite extensively designed.
  20. In addition to the actual camera can be found in the packaging of a large Schutzgehause whose control buttons are easy to reach even with gloves.
  21. In addition, there is a remote control whose range is not specified, but can be 15 meters, since it appears identical to the Actionpro version.
  22. In addition to the internal battery, the manufacturer also provides a spare battery to extend the recording time.
  23. The fixation should be made very stable and be able to withstand a lot of shocks and jolts.
  24. Various cables and a storage bag for the entire equipment are included in the delivery.
  25. In 16: 9 format Full HD recordings with 25/30 frames and 50/60 fields are possible.
  26. At 480p, you can even capture up to 120 frames per second.
  27. If you prefer 4: 3, you can switch to 960p mode and record at 25/30 FPS.
  28. The lens works with a constant light intensity of 1: 2.8 and is optimized for underwater shooting.
  29. View angles of 170, 145 and 120 degrees are possible and still images can be stored in predefined time intervals.
  30. From the image quality you can convince yourself on the website of the manufacturer, which can certainly compete with a GoPro.
  31. Buy recommendationWith a relatively good equipment for specific applications, the BeastVision HD Bike can score points, even if the acquisition costs are already in the upper range by 300 EUR.

Fantec BeastVision HD

Fantec BeastVision HD

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DURAGADGET Mini USB Data Sync PC Charge Cable for Camsports Evo 1080 Pro, ActionPro X7, Fantec Beastvision HD & Dracotek Pro View HD

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