Denver Electronics HSC 3004 Game Camera

  1. In the manufacturer’s categorization, the Denver HSC-3004 wildlife camera is assigned a place in the group of home surveillance devices.
  2. Here, the entry-level model in its three-headed product family has to be content with the simplest equipment.
  3. The quality of videos remains typical of entry-level low-end HD; For this purpose, the manufacturer builds the considerable number of 48 infrared LEDs for taking pictures in the dark.
  4. For periodic shots, at least one second must pass between two photos; in a control by the motion sensor is apparently only one shot per draw possible.
  5. The handling should also facilitate remote control.

Kleiner Test Denver Wct 3004

Nur 640×360, weil es mehr für so ein Video nicht braucht. 🙂 Meine anderen Wildkamera-Tests:

Denver Wct Vildtkamera

Da info på nettet om betjeningen af Denver vildtkamera er meget sparsomt, vil Bech Video prøve at vise de mest basale ting for at