Denver ACT 5001

  1. The action cam Denver ACT-5001 rides at the lower of the entry-level class with equipment that is limited to the minimum amount.
  2. The delicate device reaches a Ma? of 58 x 44 x 23 millimeters and weighs only 74 grams including the battery.
  3. The construction is designed for outdoor use and allows dives in a waterproof housing up to a depth of 60 meters.
  4. The technical abilities are designed to record dynamic sequences and are suitable for the documentation of sporting activities or other activity-intensive leisure activities.
  5. For video recording, the product data sheet specifies a maximum of Full HD quality.
  6. The detail depth of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels results in a recording speed that is at 30 frames per second in the range of at least necessary.
  7. Special recording modes such as continuous or fast motion are not specified in the technical specification.
  8. For storage of picture and sound is up to 32 gigabytes large microSD card.
  9. All functions are set on the device, whereby a 2-inch display achieves the handling.
  10. A wireless interface for remote control by the smartphone is not included.
  11. An order is to be paid with almost 50 euros and is well worthwhile for occasional users and users who like to try the functionality once.
  12. In the manageable financial burden, even rough children’s hands should try to handle the device.

Ride R1 2004 With Denver Act 5001

Net de ACT5001 actie camera gekocht! Tijd voor een testrit.

Denver Act Unboxing

Sport kamerámat kipróbáltam egy kicsit nehezebb terepen is. Az állvány az ülés alatt volt elhelyezve.