Contour ROAM2
  1. It is great to see how you can simply turn the lens in the housing and thus the recording by 90 or 180 degrees, without rebuilding the bracket.
  2. Colors look natural, the resolution is good, the camera illuminates a shade darker than some others.
  3. Attached to the ski helmet, bicycle handlebar, surfboard or motorcycle, the miniature cameras film small and big adventures.
  4. The magazine Consumer rated 4 models as “good” and 4 as “average”.
  5. The criteria paid video, photo and sound as well as battery and handling.
Contour ROAM2
Contour ROAM2
Contour ROAM2

Contour Roam2 Helmet Mounted Action Camera Review

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Introducing The Contour Roam Hd Action Camera

Contour ROAM2 Waterproof Video Camera (Black)

Contour ROAM2 Waterproof Video Camera (Black)
  1. Simply slide the Instant On-Record switch into its locking position to ensure you shoot exactly when you’re ready.
  2. Vibrant color options We understand that style matters and color can make or break a look.
  3. Match your kit, or bring in a little contrast by adding a ContourROAM2 in one of four colors: Contour green, red, blue or traditional black.
  4. As requested by our users, we’ve bumped up the frames per second to 60, meaning you can now get that smooth video quality you’ve come to expect from Contour cameras.
  5. Waterproof without a case Good things come in small packages.
  6. The ContourROAM2 sheds bulk by working underwater without an extra case.
  7. The ContourROAM2 brings brilliant updates to our most loved camera, while retaining the features that made it a best seller.
  8. The reason I like the ROAM2 over the original ROAM (which can now be had much cheaper) is for the 60 fps filming in 720p.
  9. This will produce smoother video, especially if you like to use slow motion effects now and then.
  10. The ROAM 2 comes in attractive packaging and includes: 1 profile mount; 1 rotating flat surface mount; lanyard tether; USB cable; lens cap; 4GB MicroSD card; storage pouch and lens cloth.
  11. Initial tests of the ROAM 2 in 720p @ 60fps and full HD 1080p @ 30fps are very impressive.
  12. At 720p you will have a view angle of 170 degrees, which gives you a wide panorama but some fisheye effect (to be expected at that width).
  13. In 1080p the view angle is reduced to 125 degrees, which still gives a nice wide view, but much less fisheye.
  14. In full 1080p it is ultra-sharp and the colors are very good.
  15. The mounting options available for Contour cameras is very good, but still could be a bit better.
  16. They have the snow and water sports covered, as well as skateboarders, bikers, etc.
  17. But I intend to use mine primarily to capture POV video from shooting sports, and there is still a lack of good mounts for that.
  18. I accidentally turned off the laser in the software and thought it was broken, until support at Contour provided me a quick response and helped me figure out that I am an idiot (my word, not theirs).
  19. The ROAM 2 has a standard ¼” x 20 tripod socket already on it – so no need to buy the Universal Mount Adapter (which I did, and now have no need for).
  20. To set up the camera, change configuration options (such as selecting recording quality), you use Contour’s software “Story Teller”, which is easily downloaded and pretty simple to install and get using.
  21. Now, here is one thing I don’t like about the ROAM 2 – you must use the software each time you want to change resolution of video.
  22. To do this, you must be connected to your computer via USB.
  23. So, if you’re out in the world enjoying your camera, you are stuck with whatever setting you made before you left the house.
  24. There is NO option to select different modes via the camera itself.
  25. Perhaps that is a feature on the more expensive versions of the Contour camera… So, my first impressions of the ROAM 2 are very good.
  26. The quality of the video image is fantastic, the camera could not be more easy to use, and the software is pretty good too.
  27. After a couple of full days of using the ROAM2, this camera performed flawlessly.
  28. Used it to capture POV video of a shooting match and attached it to my ear protection.
  29. The mic in the ROAM2 is very good – much better than any other camera I have.
  30. It was so easy to use the on/off button to begin and end each segment of recording – from a postion where I could not see the camera.
  31. The quality of the picture is superb (I shot at 1080p today).
  32. I am amazed at the quality of indoor picture also – no yellow or green cast – very natural light and it picks up everything very brightly.
  33. I find myself using 720p more often now, not only because of the economy of storage space but for the smoothness of the video if I want to go “slo-mo” from time to time.
  34. I would gladly buy this camera again… in fact, it might be nice to have TWO!<
  35. A couple tips: The 32GB microSD card does work fine in the ROAM2, and I’ve never even come close to filling it up.
  36. It does have some low light noise, but i don’t think it was as bad as a hero2 in that respect.
  37. There is some give to the rail system, but otherwise it is very solidly built.
  38. The lens rotation has detents at the main stop points, and very very solid.
  39. I made the mistake of assuming that the ROAM2 had a removable battery, like most of the other contours.
  40. Since it does not have a removable battery, you are stuck having to prioritize your shooting to fit it into the 2-2.5 hour run time, carry a usb battery pack and plan a stop to charge the device, or have another camera on hand as a backup.
  41. As mentioned before, there is not a usb pass through on the back door.
  42. So unless you want to compromise your water proofing and have the door flopping around you can’t leave a battery pack plugged in to help with this situation either.
  43. The laser aiming function is cool, but that really all that useful.
  44. Contour erred on the side of quiet when it comes to the ROAM2’s on board microphone.
  45. It blocks out quite a bit of wind, but tends to not pick up sound anywhere near as clearly as its gopro counterpart(which really isn’t that great either).
  46. The Bottom Line:
    A very solidly built device, but with a few shortcomings.
  47. I mainly wear the camera snowboarding via either the flush helmet mount or the goggle mount – I prefer the helmet mount but I don’t always wear one.
  48. The Roam2 is light and can be mounted on the side of your head OR the top, so it won’t absorb the wind and jar your helmet around.
  49. It simply doesn’t effect my riding to wear this camera all day and that’s the most important thing.
  50. Rotating lens: You mount the camera once at the beginning of the day and level the lens with a laser that is projected from the front of the camera.
  51. Slide to record: For snowboarding, I’m wearing gloves and I sometimes like to turn the camera on and off as I’m moving down a run and encounter things worth filming.
  52. The simplistic nature of the sliding record switch allows me to simply slide to begin recording without stopping, without removing gloves, and without thinking.
  53. When I come into something worth capturing, the last thing I want to do is stop and kill my momentum.
  54. Durability: With the ROAM2, you don’t need a waterproof case or anti-fog inserts.
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It is great to see how you can simply turn the lens in the housing and thus the recording by 90 or 180 degrees, without rebuilding the bracket. Colors look natural, the resolution is good, the camera illuminates a shade darker than some others. Attached to the ski helmet, bicycle handlebar,...