Canon XM 2

  1. Gain, Aperture, Shutter can be adjusted via a rotary wheel in manual mode, which allows a lot of scope and creativity.
  2. The problem, the aperture adjustment during recording, this is manually almost impossible, since it is regulated in stages and one perceives in the picture a disturbing readjustment (aperture jump) very strong.
  3. The next problem is the sound that has attached microphone, as I find too low directivity and you should get an additional Micro to achieve better results.
  4. For pure breath, if there are no annoying background noises, but still suitable.
  5. If both are shut down and then connected there are no problems, Sony has since apparently the nose, my Sonykamera running for 10 years without problems in the Firewire, even without shutdown.
  6. Also in the professional field I had never had problems with the connection of mazes and cameras to the PC via firewire.
  7. But now to the good things of the camera, it has many Einstellmoglichkeiten, very good picture, is extremely lightweight and has a very good image stabilizer.
  8. If you can handle the little quirks, then it is a wonderful camera.
  9. Tip: The Color Gain in the menu by 1-2 levels down, then the image in the colors does not appear too radiant.
  10. PLUS: image stabilizer picture quality (3CCD chip) weight handle for e.g.
  11. Froschperspektiven clean processed and stable camera house MINUS: Microphone (No XLR and no phantom power) Aperture control manually only infinitely possible extremely sensitive Firewire port I hope the report helped you and you can now fall a better judgment.
  12. The optical image stabilizer reduces camera shake very effectively.
  13. The focal length is 20x optical zoom and provides only very small vignetting on the side edges.
  14. This can capture even distant subjects easily (tripod for a quiet picture is required).
  15. The camera is also ideal for far-angled shots.
  16. Save time on the DV tape save (for example: 1 frame every 5 minutes).
  17. The color viewfinder provides a sharp, high-contrast image, although a black and white viewfinder would have been beneficial for better focus adjustment.
  18. The footage can be transferred lossless via DV-IN / OUT to a computer with the appropriate IEEE1394 (FireWire) interface and play lossless back to the XM2 after editing.
  19. In addition, you can integrate the camera as a breakout box to the PAL TV at the cut.
  20. Conclusion: Real buy recommendation – excellent video quality (even in bad light) on 3CCD / RGB-based, decent sound, good handling at a fair price (about

Canon XM2 High End Camcorder – Overview

Here is a closer look at all the features and functions the early 2000s Canon DMC-XM2 High End MiniDV camcorder offers.

Canon xm2/gl2 test

Testing my new Camera Canon xm2 in frame mode 25p.

Das Canon XM-2 Buch

Das Canon XM 2 Buch