Canon Legria HF20

  1. At first glance, the very sharp picture attracts attention.
  2. But then you recognize a digital refocusing, which misses the already very good natural sharp still an artificial Kantenaufsteilung.
  3. As with the Sony XR 500, the special accessory shoe prevents the easy use of the microphone input.
  4. While it can not be used fully manually, it can be manipulated with sufficient time and aperture automatically.
  5. The wide angle is acceptable with 39 mm in this class, the 15x zoom factor more than adequate.
  6. However, the zoom shifter works at least mediocre, it zooms too fast and too jerky.
  7. Theers filmed in 60i mode and found that artifacts, such as afterimage effects, increased in the images.
  8. Nevertheless, one should only film with the less robust frame rate of 30 frames per second, if one strives for a slower, cinematographic similarity, is the advice of the editors.
  9. Bad performance in the darkThe Canon Legria HF20 did not fare well in low light conditions in the area.
  10. For example, colors in relative darkness are not faithfully reproduced – the only exceptions are brown tones and skin colors that are still well hit.
  11. The weakness of the HF20 in low light, however, can at least be handled with the video light.
  12. The Canon Legria HF20 is far cheaper than the Canon HF11, so the editors did not expect it to perform as well.
  13. Nevertheless, the comparison disappointed: no one had expected that the comparison of the two models would go so far to the detriment of the HF20.
  14. This is mainly due to the poor performance in low ambient light.
  15. For that, the HF20 produced excellent shots in sufficient light.
  16. Here you can make yourself a picture on the basis of the video – you can watch it for better rating on high definition (HD).
  17. With this memory, the HF20 can record video in full high-definition resolution for up to 12 hours.
  18. Together with the memory cards, the recording time can be further increased.
  19. This makes the Legria HF20 ideal for frequent filmmakers and users who travel often and long.
  20. Both cams stand out positively because of their lens, which can zoom very much (15x zoom) but still has good light output (1: 1.8-3.2).
  21. Thus, the Legria HVs are well suited for shooting in changing light conditions and low light.
  22. In addition, the high-definition resolution in full-screen mode promises good color reproduction, smooth motion representation and a high level of sharpness.
  23. Flash memory costs 200 EuroWhich puts great emphasis on being able to save a lot of video material, without having to use computer or memory card in between, the Canon Legria HF20 is recommended.
  24. For this they have been given new features, such as the ” video snapshot mode ”.
  25. It can be used to produce automatic recordings of four seconds long, which can then be combined in the camera itself into a music-backed clip.
  26. It will always save a few seconds before the record button is printed at all.
  27. Thus, the videographer rarely misses special situations or surprising events.
  28. In addition, still images can be shot at any time during filming or a movie can be resolved into frames (25 per second).
  29. The decisive moment on the trackWith its new features, the Canon Legria HF20 makes it easier for the videographer to catch the special moment.
  30. With pre-recording, the time can at least now and then turn back a bit.
  31. Also, the conversion into single images is a very nice additional feature: After all, then the capture of the one, special moment is not a question of luck or talent, but only a matter of technology.
  32. Or are there any other tips for editing the recordings?
  33. The Canon shows its sense of practicality with the three-digit pre-recording, with which it records events before the release, and the display of the battery capacity, which appears at the push of a button even when the camera is switched off.
  34. While automa- tics such as autofocus or image stabilizer work very reliably for the intended applications, the biggest problem of the HF20 / HF200 remains the manual focus.
  35. Since there is no touch screen, you have to focus on the joystick, and succeeds despite moderately enlarged image detail only moderately.

Canon Legria HF20

Canon Legria HF20

Canon Legria HF20

Canon Legria Hf20 Video Test 1

Website: www.emediabacau.roCanon Legria HF20 Video Test 1.

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