Canon Legria HF R206

  1. In the telephoto range, both Legrias produced minimal color fringes.
  2. In shadow areas, there were a few details, otherwise the pictures worked harmonious, sharp, low-stagnation and colourfast.
  3. Too low a wide-angle focal length and the low-power battery, of course, have a restrictive effect.
  4. The two SD card slots make it easy to dispense with the internal flash memory.
  5. Only the somewhat unsteady image stabilizer reduces the good impression.
  6. In addition, it offers practical things such as two card slots or a neat photo resolution.

Canon Legria HF R206

Видеокамера Canon Legria Hf R206

Видеообзор компактной видеокамеры Canon Legria HF R206. Подробное описание, характеристики, комментарии и отзывы,

Canon Legria Hf R Render And Quality Test.

Canon Legria HF R206 Test + “Movie effect”