Canon Legria FS36

  1. At least enough for about two hours of video and allows the copying of internally on map.
  2. The 55 x 59 x 121 millimeter device is indeed very compact and can therefore be comfortably carried in any pocket.
  3. In addition, the camera is compatible with SDHC cards with a maximum capacity of 32 gigabytes.
  4. The lens also covers a focal length range of 2.6 to 96.2 millimeters and is therefore still good enough for wide-angle shooting.
  5. The electronic shake protection also shows annoying weaknesses, as soon as the cameraman makes quick hand movements.
  6. For models under 400 euros, however, an optical image stabilizer is rarely used.
  7. Demanding users should, however, prefer to get another program for the post-processing of their clips.
  8. One of the advantages of the Canon cams is the pre-recording, which can preserve the last three seconds before the release.
  9. Also convenient is the operation via the joystick, which sits on the LC display.
  10. If you are filming in bright sunshine, you should lighten the screen, then the top view is quite good.
  11. Specials such as slow motion and intelligent automatic complete the package.

Canon Legria FS36

Canon Legria FS36

видеокамера Canon, обзор видеокамера Canon Legria Fs36

ОБЗОР Видеокамера Canon legria FS36, как и видеокамера sony, видеокамера panasonic, мини камера обладает хорошими

Testing My New Canon Legria Fs

Just a short video showing the quality of my video recorder.

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