Canon HV20
  1. Since the HV but the microphone input is missing, the HV20 is the better solution.
  2. Versatile: headphone output, firewire, focus well manually adjustable.
  3. The image quality ranks consistently high, especially the sharp convinced – in conjunction with the good stabilizer, which still significantly balances hand shaking, especially in medium settings.
  4. Preferences: high functionality; very good film quality in bright light.
  5. The Canon lens showed here and there the very unsightly Farbsaume (Chromatic Abberation).
  6. But Canon is just in the reputation to be a high-class lens manufacturer.
  7. For the Canon HV20 speaks the unbeatable road price.
  8. Due to the short product cycles, I think it makes little sense to wait for half a year.
  9. I had overslept the development of recent years and became curious when I recently discovered there? Now movies in HDTV is tangible.
  10. My decision again to put on DV tape ruhrte from the consideration, there? There are currently no solid archiving alternatives.
  11. DV tapes are inexpensive and preserved, you can store them directly without conversion orgies.
  12. After my Inet searches basically only two affordable devices remained – the new SonyHC7E and the Canon.
  13. I could try both, two things finally let me distance myself from the Sony.
  14. The operating concept via touch screen I find only brash and of a standard accessory shoe Sony probably nothing in general.
  15. By the way, I had various extremely sucked from the Internet full-qually clips of the HV20 extremely excited.
  16. Of the indisputable design of the forerunner model has thankfully refrained, otherwise the HV20 would not have been an issue for me.
  17. The camera is small, but can be reasonably ergonomic without it? you get aggression after a few minutes.
  18. The downsides: First of all, I find it frightening what you get bid for 1000, – double mark video in the video area – cheap plastic bomber with wobbly Fummelknopfchen by the bank.
  19. Contrary to expectations, but I manage to lie down with the “Fummelrandelchen” soft zoom pans.
  20. But beware – not for people with weak fine motor skills, be sure to try before you buy!
  21. There? you do not even get a reasonable T-lever offered in this price range is already a strong piece.
  22. If you are used to manual work with SLR cameras, must? one pushes back his claims Kellertief.
  23. The HV20 has a manual exposure compensation – so praiseworthy.
  24. Unfortunately, this works in contrast to cameras not relatively but absolutely.
  25. This means the automatic exposure will be completely disabled and a fixed value will be set!
  26. The built-in microphone is (as usual in this camera class) usable – but not more.
  27. Since I like to film motor sports on a regular basis, an external micro was mandatory.
  28. The part is called Stereo Videomic, has a decoupling suspension, its own power supply and a real cat fur as a windbreak.
  29. Level festival, convincing stereo effect, super processed – so far I am thrilled.
  30. Thanks to existing manual Tonaussteuerung and this great additional micro perfect recordings nothing stands in the way.
  31. The racing cars thunder with bloodcurdling sound through the living room – that’s the way it should be.
  32. Since it was not necessary to provide a lens hood with this camera, self-initiative was needed again.
  33. I opted for a retractable universal rubber bezel with 52mm photo thread – plus a threaded adapter ring from 43mm to 52mm.
  34. Of course, a rectangular aperture would be optimal, but since the camera has relatively little wide-angle, the round universal aperture does not shadow the corners and is a good compromise.
  35. Many of the listed deficiencies may be for most users
  36. Cameras like the HV20 mark the upper of the consumer class – you should be a bit more critical.
  37. Now the positives: The decisive purchase reason for the Canon was beside the manual intervention possibilities the image quality.
  38. And at this point knows? the HV20 really convincing – resolution as color representation are really good.
  39. The first shots correspond to the sample clips from the internet.
  40. You can manually reduce the shutter speed down to 1/6, which is relatively clean Lowlight shots (for example
  41. The optical image stabilizer knows? also to inspire – no comparison to the old things as in my Panasonic.
  42. Although I use a tripod with a tilt, but not always it is appropriate or
  43. Freehand shots with maximum focal length are now possible for me Seegangsarm, even pans are still with a little practice in it.
  44. The swivel display is in comparison to my old device also a quantum leap, the results are easy to guess.
  45. The camera is compatible with the old DV standard and has all the important inputs and outputs.
  46. Another tip: If you like to shoot in the macro section, you should take a look at the 150x macro converter from Raynox.
  47. By the way, the part has a 43mm thread and can be screwed directly to the lens.
  48. Even at maximum zoom, you get a great picture quality with amazingly good quality.
  49. On the Internet, the thing is everywhere for a few euros.
  50. In addition, you can use the converter thanks to the included clamp adapter on almost all compact photo cameras outstanding.
  51. Conclusion: If you are looking for maximum resolution / picture quality and are not afraid of the cost of an additional microphone, this is the right place.
  52. The weak in the operating concept and processing apply more or less to all Kompaktgerate – this pill must? you swallow.
  53. The problems with the further processing of the image material are only a matter of time, thanks to DV tape, the films can first free stripe archived.
  54. You can not miss any stars, but compared to other devices, you get a lot of money here.
  55. Therefore I can put the camera to every ambitious person.
  56. Spa? make it on every case and inspire the results.
  57. And nobody suspects that? such a small Pupsgerat every pimple arrest.
Canon HV20

Canon Hv20

Video shot with a Canon HV20 and edited with Cyberlink PowerDirector.

Canon Hv High Def Camcorder

The stylish Canon HV20 gives you the ultimate in HD video and digital photo quality with advanced features for the knowledgeable

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Since the HV but the microphone input is missing, the HV20 is the better solution. Versatile: headphone output, firewire, focus well manually adjustable. The image quality ranks consistently high, especially the sharp convinced – in conjunction with the good stabilizer, which still significantly balances hand shaking, especially in medium settings. Preferences: high...