Canon HF100

  1. Picture and sound quality are excellent, while the HF 100 offers photo functions.
  2. In terms of image clarity, the HF models are almost at the limit of the technically feasible in HD resolution.
  3. Canon manages to do this without any tricks like the electronic edge lifting, where striking sharp edges occur.
  4. Preferential: excellent image quality with sufficient light, trouble-free import on Mac, good equipment including microphone and headphone jack.
  5. Features that make about 90% of amateur filmmakers happy and satisfied.
  6. In addition, there is a rest in the picture that occasionally makes you remember photos.
  7. The colors are not too flashy and convince absolutely under normal lighting.
  8. Finally, there is tapeless Full HD recording with many setting options and terrific image quality for your pocket.
  9. Only the Joystick for the Menufuhrung is too small, as well as the Auslos for photos. The menu is well divided.
  10. But whoever disfigures something should know that? when leaving the menu, the value is immediately stored.
  11. This allows a quick adaptation to the recording situation, can quickly go down the tube when experimenting (wrong colors, blurred image, wrong micro adjustment or interfaces do not work properly).
  12. Even with weak lighting conditions can also be useful recordings (with image noise).
  13. There are enough manual settings available.
  14. Even at long distances, conversations are easy to understand.
  15. magazines report, the resolution could be better, but I can not complain.
  16. After all, it should be used to control recordings and not organize a movie night.
  17. Canon recommends the use of SDHC class 4 or higher memory cards.
  18. There are rumors going around, claiming that with 4 GB you can spend 1 hour.
  19. The user manual declares it as I described it.
  20. USB: via the USB port can connect to the PC, printer (with Pict Bridge support) or DVD writer (eg
  21. Eyes red.), As well as the possibility to shoot continuous shots.
  22. Meters and the shots do not reach the quality of a digital camera.
  23. Video light: The built-in video light is relatively good.
  24. Up to 3.5 meters, you can still achieve good results (with manual white balance or fluorescent lamp program).
  25. Even at a distance of 6.5 meters, the receiver has still reacted.
  26. Since the receiver is attached to the swivel monitor, the cam can be conveniently controlled remotely from the front and rear.
  27. Software: The supplied software for the video editing is only suitable for beginners.
  28. You can use it to pull video material onto the computer, play it back, create a disc and edit the material.
  29. However, everything is very simple and cumbersome.
  30. If you have ever worked with video editing software from ULEAD or Pinnacle, uninstall it immediately.
  31. Conclusion: I got the Canon because it makes very good videos.
  32. A pity, because? no matching HDMI cable is included.
  33. An installation for hardware detection of the HF100 is not possible without Canon help.
  34. The included software is so economical that it takes itself off the market.
  35. I have a lot of Canon products and I am an enthusiastic supporter, but here I got a rough steamer, I do not understand how to let a customer hang out so much money.
  36. Also in this regard, noer to find even one approach that you can not handle the software.
  37. But what are very noticeable are many Kommemtare in the network about the software for M2TS or H.264 which is not yet ready.
  38. The HF 100 lies perfectly in the fist, the index finger automatically rests on the somewhat light-weighted, but easy-to-adjust zoom rocker, the thumb safely on the loser.
  39. Finally, there is tapeless Full HD recording with many setting options and terrific image quality for your pocket.
  40. Except for the built-in auxiliary memory of 16 GB in the HF10, the models HF100 and HF10 are identical.

Canon HF100

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