Canon DC330

  1. The image of the DC330 proved to be brilliant: it was sharp and showed vibrant colors.
  2. It turned out that Canon can depict more fine details and Sony had more image corruption.
  3. In addition, Canon’s color rendition was warmer, which the editors found more enjoyable.
  4. Good colors even in the dark In the lab, the resolution of the Canon DC330 measured 325 lines per image height horizontally and 275 vertically.
  5. This has the great advantage that the rotated videos can be viewed easily and almost everywhere.
  6. Since films and photos can also be made in panorama format, the transfer to a television makes special sense.
  7. Thus, the broad perspectival of the recordings can be adequately enjoyed.
  8. New Persepctive and LCD as video light Through the menu controls the owner of a DC330 with the help of a small joystick.
  9. It can also remotely control the video camera with a remote control.
  10. This allows the DC330 unusual camera outlook with surprising perspective.
  11. Whoever wants to be on the ground, should stay in standby mode: Here is the quick function available.
  12. Incidentally, the 2.7-inch display can also be used as a film light: For this, the monitor only has to be turned forward and its brightness then illuminates the scene.

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The name Canon has always meant photographic and broadcast television cameras with optical excellence, advanced image

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