Binwo Actioncam 4K

  1. In the large crowd of imitators who copy the look and feel of the industry leader GoPro with zeal, the model Binwo Actioncam 4K romps.
  2. Believing the product specification, the camera is ripped to the teeth with the most advanced image and video capture technologies.
  3. The technical equipment should be suitable for audiovisual documentation of any outdoor activity, whether by land, sea or air.
  4. During the deployment, a communication with smartphone and tablet should be possible.
  5. Strong and weakThe technical data indicate the possibility of video recording in the 4k format, whereby the frequency of the image repetition should reach 30 fps like with the Premium representatives of GoPro.
  6. The rate rises to 60 fps at Full HD Sharp and does not exceed 90 fps at 720p.
  7. For the control of the recordings a display is installed; In addition, a WLAN interface with a very short range is available for interaction with a smartphone or tablet.
  8. Last but not least, the manufacturer gives a long list of accessories, including an underwater housing for dives that are up to 40 meters deep.
  9. The model seems generally out of print on the German market, so it pays to look for an alternative in many ways.

Binwo Actioncam 4K

Binwo Action Camera (Aka “4k Ultra Hd”) Test Sub

Registrato in 2k a 30FPS ma esportato in FHD. Il video subacqueo (in apnea) è stato registrato con la montatura da fronte (da testa),

Binwo Action Camera (Aka “K Ultra Hd”)

A causa dei limiti imposti nella realizzazione di un video, quali risoluzione e FPS, il video qui presente mostrerà le diverse modalità

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