1. The fact that the sharp is not particularly high, the low-light ability for it is all the lower makes itself easily noticeable.
  2. Also in the further conception of the Cion AJA has thought extensively of modularity.
  3. At the moment we do not have a camera with more professional inputs and outputs.
  4. The Cion should be able to do more, namely 4K and RAW with 120 frames at one third of the price.
  5. It casually copied the design, but integrated clever ideas such as the arrangement of the connections or the RAW data transfer via Thunderbolt.
  6. Even with the price there’s no difference – with 150 euros, the two devices move in the entry-level segment.
  7. If cards are inserted in both bays, you can select in the menu which of the two should be filmed.
  8. Technically stuck in them the further shrunken inner workings of the cheap HD class – and at best their image quality reach the minis also.
  9. After each take, I flip the display and the camera eye automatically closes its plastic lid.

Aja Video Systems 4k Cion Camera At Nab 2014

Join BeTerrific at NAB 2014 as Darrell Reid talks with AJA Video Systems‘ Tony Cacciarelli about the brand new 4K Cion camera.

Nab Aja Video Systems Cion K Camera

Shop at B H: bandh.com The first camera from AJA Video Systems is the CION, a 4K-capable camera with a PL mount that

CamDolly Cinema System + 2 Rails – The World’s Most Flexible Camera Dolly And Slider System W/ SnakeTrack Flexible CamDolly Rails X2 – 100ft (2x50ft) Of Solid Flexible Rubber Tracks

CamDolly Cinema System + 2 Rails   The Worlds Most Flexible Camera Dolly and Slider System w/ SnakeTrack Flexible CamDolly Rails x2   100ft (2x50ft) of Solid Flexible Rubber Tracks

  1. Carry them between shoots, load them into any car, even check them onto a plane
    Gigantic Weight Load Capacity: The CamDolly Cinema Systen can take more than 550lbs of weight, enabling you to mount it with any camera and all the shabang you need… and you can even ride along if you want to
    Soft Cases for All the Parts – Never loose any part of the CamDolly because every last screw has it’s own place in the foam.
  2. Once built, the CamDolly can support more than 550 pounds: more than enough capacity for a ride-on operator, your tripod, and any camera – DSLR or large cinema camera, whether you’re shooting digital or film.
  3. Simply double the rail up, and you have a dual track that will give you a shot that’s more than 20 feet long, or use 2 lengths of parallel rail for a 50 ft run.
  4. SnakeTrack Flexible Rail comes with a bucket bag for easy transportation.
  5. Since there are so many different kinds of tripod feet, we’ve created universal “leg cups”.
  6. Place the feet of your tripod into the cups, then lash them in with the included zip ties.
  7. We also recommend securing the tripod with some bungees or a cargo strap.
  8. Instead of shooting with a tripod, you can also use a bazooka.
  9. We provide a bazooka mount with every CamDolly Cinema System kit.
  10. When you’re shooting in tabletop or slider mode, you can directly attach your bowl tripod head to the main core piece of the CamDolly.
  11. The kit includes bowl adapters for 75mm, 100mm, and 150mm bowl mounts.
  12. Building each of the different modes takes only a few minutes, and you can even fold down the partially-built dolly to make it easy to carry to and from your location.

Buy for $ 4,995.00