Aiptek AHD A300

  1. An additional connection for the use of an external microphone is also part of his repertoire.
  2. So you can imitate the work of a video journalist with this trouser pocket device.
  3. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has completely renounced the optical magnification.
  4. Instead, the hobby filmmaker has 4x digital zoom at his disposal.
  5. Due to the lack of an optical image stabilizer, it is virtually impossible to get sharp images “in action”.
  6. In my collection of exceptional cameras, there is a model Camex Cellule Reflex CR 8, No.
  7. Together with a beautiful set of long-focal-length lenses, it stood unused in the showcase for the last few years.
  8. On these 6 pages you will learn from schmalfilm how to overhaul a Camex Cellule Reflex CR 8.
  9. Only scarce lighting conditions below 50 lux bring the Panasonic slightly out of step, here the noise increases slightly, while simultaneously losing the contours of sharp.
  10. At the Tonalitat and the directional effect of the microphone capsules there is nothing to complain about.
  11. So that the own video recordings can fully exploit the potential, the autofocus ensures the appropriate sharpness.
  12. Guides how to focus properly to get sharp shots.
  13. On these 2 pages videofilmen (1/2010) explains the technology of the Sony R CMOS sensor and how the image sensor can work in low light.

Aiptek AHD A300

Aiptek Ahd A300 Test

1440 x 10880 p=30fps wvga 848 x 480 p = 60fps.

Aiptek Ahd A Test

video of AHD a300 HD video cam, as you can see its not quite as high quality as promoted, but it’s definitely cheapest….