1. Also with the ease of use one should not expect too much – but with that one could, also in view of the restricted functions, come clear.
  2. Twenty different brackets, pads and straps, the manufacturer of his mini-Cam sets and rustet the small Knipse thus ex factory for various purposes.
  3. With the recording quality, however, one must make compromises.
  4. The center of the picture is sharply displayed, but outwardly the presentation is blurred.
  5. Image noise also increases at the edge of the wide-angle range.
  6. So you can pretty well summarize the practical of this cheap entry-level model.
  7. Casual filmmakers, who do not expect the top quality of a GoPro for 100 euros, can be positively surprised by this ACME cam.

Camera Test Acme Vr02

camera Test Acme vr02 Acme VR02 ActionCam.

Unboxing Video Of Acme Vr Full Hd Sports Action Camera With Wi Fi

ACME expands its range of products by presenting sports action camera! The camera has full HD surpassing video quality and

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