Abus Sportscam Full HD Set (TVVR11002)

  1. In practice, the Sportscam Full HD lives up to its name.
  2. The shots are of good quality and light conditions that are far from the optimum, are well mastered.
  3. Despite the wide angle of 170 degrees, nothing disappears in the corners of the picture.
  4. Small criticism is at most the non-removable battery.
  5. The now offered a Sportscam under the same manufacturer is surprised, however, very.
  6. On closer examination, the striking similarity to the Aiptek SportyCam Z3 Full HD, which is not so expensive and also has a bicycle holder, is striking.
  7. In addition to the remote control with start-stop recording function, a transparent housing is delivered, which is to allow a depth of up to 20 meters with the small camera.
  8. That may be interesting, but the lens does not have the required photosensitivity, since from 5 meters depth the intensity of light under water is already significantly reduced – 20 meters are illusory for photos and videos.
  9. Buyers report on amazon of an unpleasant smell of the small action cam, which can be perceived even after a long time in the fresh air and is very disturbing felt.
  10. In shadow areas, the quality quickly breaks and the picture starts to rush.
  11. The toning (fish eye effect) in the border area is quite annoying for a camera of this price range and if the movements are too fast, the quality also suffers.
  12. Bottom lineBecause you decide for the original of Aiptek or the Abus version, is only a matter of money, which one can create better at other actioncams and better bid a much higher image quality.
  13. But the international group can now do more than padlocks and closing systems.
  14. With the Sportscam Full HD you have entered the hard-fought market of action cams.
  15. We show how the small camera beats in model making use.

Abus Sportscam Full HD Set (TVVR11002)

Abus Sportscam Full Hd Set (Unboxing + Review)

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Abus Sportscam Trailer

First Trailer of the new ABUS Sportscam Full HD. For more action visit: www.sportscam.abus.com/int/

Sportscam TVVR11002 Sportscam Full 1080p HD Set With Waterproof Housing And Other Accessories By Sportscam

Sportscam TVVR11002 Sportscam Full 1080p HD Set with Waterproof Housing and Other Accessories by Sportscam

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