A rival aQtionCam

  1. If you want to see how spectacular your own film is, look at the work on the 1.5-inch TFT screen.
  2. Even with speakers, the A-rival aQtion Cam is equipped, with the sound quality is exponential.
  3. When the camera is set appropriately, video recording starts automatically.
  4. Meters, low weight and plenty of accessories in the basic equipment.
  5. However, the camera is disappointing in the king discipline, the image quality.
  6. The films look pale and grainy, shocks lead to distortions.
  7. The menu structure is logical and self-explanatory, so that you can basically give a look into the manual, if you do not hold such a camera for the first time in the hand.
  8. With regard to the vibration sensitivity, I can only report good things.
  9. The handling is very straightforward, the scope of delivery fits and the picture quality is flawless – and for one third of the price of some other cameras.
  10. With the underwater protection housing you can dive 40 meters and with the various brackets you can take the small Actioncam helmet and Co.
  11. Small size e-Action Cams are not as big a display as possible.
  12. An internal memory is present, but with 512 MB quite small.
  13. Thanks to microSD you can store material up to 32 gigabytes.
  14. Good Functionality With the night, cloud, rain or snow recording modes, you are prepared for a variety of shooting situations.
  15. A special highlight is the built-in speaker.
  16. If you want to control the Full HD video with 30 pictures per second on the spot, you can even check if the sound is right.
  17. But also via USB and HDMI connection, a first view of television and PC is possible.
  18. The camera is quite suitable for the child’s hand.
  19. Image quality, however, can not be said at the moment.
  20. After the porn industry first discovered this technique for their movies, affordable helmet cameras are now conquering the masses.
  21. In the near future, the trend could increase, if data glasses such as Google Glass should establish.
  22. Then anyone can start a video recording by voice command within seconds – anywhere, anytime.
  23. But is that enough for a reasonably priced action camera like the one from A-Rival?
  24. While the market for Actioncams was clear in the early 2000s, quite a few manufacturers now offer their models.

A rival aQtionCam

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A Rival Actioncam

Ton läuft! Camera läuft! Und Action! Full HD aQtion Cam von a-rival mit vielfältigen Einsatzmöglichkeiten und brillanter