360Fly 4K
  1. Internal 64 GB memory and 1, 5 hours battery life for,.
  2. The 360Fly 4K from the same manufacturer 360Fly, offers the special feature a 360 degree recording.
  3. It appeals to those who are interested in this rather new form of videography.
  4. If you are just looking for a solid Action-Cam for “normal” videos, here is the wrong address.
  5. Strong and Weak Unlike some other 360-degree models, the 360Fly has just a single lens facing up.
  6. An extreme shooting angle horizontally covers a 360-degree field of view, but only 240 degrees vertically.
  7. However, the single lens also has the advantage that in the finished video no interfaces can be seen, which can occur in models with two lenses where the two records are composed.
  8. In the first version of this series, especially the relatively low resolution was criticized.
  9. The operation takes place almost exclusively via smartphones or tablets.
  10. The connection can be made via WLAN and Bluetooth.
  11. On the device itself, there is only one button that turns the camera on and off.
  12. A G-sensor ensures that the recording can start automatically as soon as the camera is moved.
  13. Included in the delivery is already an adapter with which the cam can be attached to various brackets and a charging station.
  14. In the acquisition, however, this will once again be a bit higher.
360Fly 4K

360fly 4k Hands On

We take a look at the 360Fly 4K camera, a 360 degree camera. This is an update to the 360Fly HD, which we have looked at

Record Video In K With Fly

360fly video cameras are now available in a newly released 4k version. 360fly is also embedding their 360 degree stitchless

360fly 360? 4K VR Capable Action Video Camera

360fly 360? 4K VR Capable Action Video Camera
  1. Allows to capture your life in immersive, interactive 360° video.
  2. With VR (Virtual Reality) getting popular lately this camera will excite those that are looking to create their own VR movies.
  3. Pros:
    – no stitching of images thus no seams or strange missing parts like competitors
    – waterproof so no need to buy separate housing
    – compatible with GoPro mounts and other accessories so if you already own them you can use them with this without extra cost
    – standard tripod socket so if all you have is that can use that instead
    – is very tiny so can record everything around you without attracting much attention
    – feels rugged and tough and has taken quite a bit of abuse and shock without breaking
    – can still be used without smartphone or another remote device but will be limited in controlling it
    – can double as a POV camera instead of 360 if you want
    – can control exposure, speed, color, brightness and various other features of camera using smartphone or tablet using 360Fly app
    – would be great for instructional video like teaching how to fly or drive since you can see everything that is going on in the cockpit.
  4. Cons
    – battery seems to go quick and no way to add extra battery
    – no SD Card slot so no way to expand storage space
    – image quality poor unless there’s lots of light and even then there is quite a bit of purple fringing apparent
    – software quite buggy especially considering there was an HD version of this camera out for a while now.
  5. Had the app crash several times and the desktop software seems to be even more prone to crashing.
  6. Website even says some software features not ready and are continuously being improved so makes some aspects feel half finished.
  7. LCD or other way to easily change settings without a smartphone or tablet.
  8. Also only works with certain phones and tablets listed on website.
  9. It all depends on if you want your face/body in shot or not This is definitely a 360 camera because it records everything around you from the front of your face to the back of your head.
  10. There is a gap at the bottom center where the camera is of course though.
  11. This actually makes it challenging to shoot without getting your hand or other parts of your body in it.
  12. Fortunately, you can use the 360 Fly app to move a distance away to get yourself out of the shot.
  13. I found the video and pictures it too to be pretty interesting and unique.
  14. Quality seems to be comparable with other 360 cameras available.
  15. Most people probably won’t notice the chromatic aberration from using such a wide angle but if you are used to using a high resolution DSLR you probably will.
  16. The most annoying parts of the camera I found was having to disable the Wi-Fi on your device to connect to it to control it, which is necessary to use the time-lapse and POV features.
  17. Also, the process of getting the video and pictures from the camera to PC was a bit cumbersome.
  18. So although quality is not as good as I would expect for a 4K camera, after seeing video on YouTube of all other 360 cameras I think 360Fly is best for action.
  19. Waterproof and pretty rugged compared to others, works with iOS and Android phones, and most important you don’t get funky stitching artifacts.
  20. I didn’t think last point was such a big deal until I started watching a lot of 360 YouTube videos and it’s a lot more jarring and annoying than I expected!
  21. Seeing phantom limbs, missing body parts and people’s faces cut in half due to camera/software not being able to seamlessly blend the 2 camera video into 1 big 360 panorama ruins the experience completely.
  22. Instead of making you feel or giving you that I am there in person feeling I’m spending time trying to figure out what I”m looking at like putting a jigsaw puzzle together!
  23. I’d rather put up with the 360Fly not as great picture/video quality which is actually good enough for most people.
  24. Also, it’s a bit tricky trying to figure out where you want to mount it because that makes a big difference if your face, body, etc will end up in the shot.
  25. For example, mounting it upside on drone is perfect because you will see everything but drone.
  26. On top of surfboard would also be another great spot since you will get everything going on around surfer and surfer themselves on top of board.
  27. Do not think that you’ll be videoing a wedding, which is what I bought the camera for, WAY too long.
  28. By the time I was able to figure all this out, download the video’s to my computer, in the hopes I could split the videos, upload them and then view them the way they were intended, I was too late to return it.
  29. If you want to stay out of the way of the field of view, you need to configure a selfie stick to attach to an adapter for the camera.
  30. You also need to be careful not to get your fingers in the way of the lens.
  31. They have an adapter that can connect the camera to a flat surface and another that can connect to a helmet.
  32. I am going to see if I can edit the resulting video in Adobe Premiere so I can remove the spots that I don’t want.
  33. It is also important to keep the lens free from fingerprints and dirt.
  34. It is also possible to record under water, but I didn’t try that.
  35. You can use Google Cardboard to view the results through your cell phone or the more expensive Oculus Rift goggles.
Buy for $ 499.00

Toy State Racing League 5.8 GHz Race Vision 220 FPV Pro Drone

Toy State Racing League 5.8 GHz Race Vision 220 FPV Pro Drone
  1. Includes LCD screen and FPV googles allowing you to see exactly what your drone sees as it happens Practice your piloting skills with the DRL Simulator.
  2. This digital gaming platform allows new pilots to learn how to fly, compete in actual DRL courses, and race friends With 3 variable flight modes and 3 speeds this is the perfect Race Drone for all skill levels- beginners to advanced.
  3. It includes a full color LCD screen and FPV goggles that provide and immersive flight experience from the cockpit of the drone.
  4. Propeller guards are great for beginners and can be removed for advanced pilots.
  5. This digital gaming platform provides new pilots the ability to learn how to fly a racing drone, compete in actual DRL courses, and master their skills before taking to flight in real life.
Buy for $ 199.99

360fly 360Fly 4K VR Capable Action Video Camera Professional Camcorder, Black

360fly 360Fly 4K VR Capable Action Video Camera Professional Camcorder, Black
  1. The 360fly 4K video camera delivers everything you need to capture your entire surroundings in immersive, interactive 360 Degree 4K video from a single digital unit.
Buy for $ 450.00Cam GuyAction Camscamera,lens,video
Internal 64 GB memory and 1, 5 hours battery life for,. The 360Fly 4K from the same manufacturer 360Fly, offers the special feature a 360 degree recording. It appeals to those who are interested in this rather new form of videography. If you are just looking for a solid Action-Cam for 'normal'...