1. Three models will be launched on the market with the Vico Marcus series.
  2. Superior LensWith an ultra wide angle of 140 degrees, the Vico has a wider field of vision than many of its competitors.
  3. The fixed focal length of the entry-level model has a high light intensity of F2.2, which should have a positive effect, especially when shooting at night.
  4. Optionally, you can get a polarization filter to achieve even clearer colors in the images or to avoid undesirable reflections of the glass or the hood.
  5. Thanks to the integrated GPS module, the film can be equipped with speed and coordination display.
  6. In addition, a lane departure warning system and an Auffahrwarnsystem is integrated.
  7. In addition, the Dashcam scores with a high heat resistance.
  8. ConclusionIn addition to the cockpit camera with GPS receiver, the scope of delivery also includes a suction cup holder, a holder and a four-meter automotive power supply.

VicoVation Vico Marcus 1

VicoVation Vico Marcus 1

VicoVation Vico Marcus 1

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Vicovation Marcus 1 | 1080p 30fps | Full HD Dash Car Camera

Vicovation Marcus 1 | 1080p 30fps | Full HD Dash Car Camera

  1. For some countries, over-speed camera detection system is available.
  2. One-snap time for installation Vico-Marcus 3 contains one quick mounting bracket, which makes installation and removal in a snap.
  3. SDR Smart Dynamic Range Vico-Marcus 1 applies SDR technology which can balance the bright and dark parts and generate high image quality.
  4. The field through front window is completely recorded.Even cars from left and right sides can be clearly recorded.
  5. Operates at up to 167 Degrees Even if the temperature inside car in summer time goes high, Vico-Marcus 3 never stops recording.
  6. Seamless record captures every second Vico-Marcus 3 captures every moment with high quality video.
  7. The high performance compression chipset ensures seamless record.
  8. Emergency record never drops Press the orange button upon emergency; Vico-Marcus 3 will save 30 second of video before and after the moment.

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    Vicovation Vico-Marcus Series Suction Bracket

    Vicovation Vico Marcus Series Suction Bracket

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