1. Well-hidden in its camouflage home, the SpyPoint Iron-9 wildlife camera is ideal for unobtrusive observation of the flora and fauna in the great outdoors and on your own property.
  2. For illumination in the dark, 35 invisible infrared LEDs provide reliable protection for humans and animals, which automatically adapt their function to the ambient conditions.
  3. For administrative purposes, the camera component can be completely removed from the housing and thus saves the dismantling of the device.
  4. However, a display for configuring the settings and checking the artwork on the spot is missing.
  5. The camera can shoot up to four pictures per draw and over-play video in an infinite loop when the space on the memory card is full.
  6. The possibility of setting time intervals for a time-lapse function is not provided.

SpyPoint Iron 9

SpyPoint Iron 9

SpyPoint Iron 9

Spypoint Iron 9

The SPYPOINT IRON-9 captures 9-megapixel color photos by day (black-and-white by night) and video with sound. This camera

Spypoint Iron Trail Camera|Best Trail Cam

trailcameras.viralstores.co The Spypoint IRON 9 Trail Camera one of the best trail cams featuring 35 invisible LED’s. A user

Spypoint IRON-9 Trail Camera, Camouflage

Spypoint IRON 9 Trail Camera, Camouflage

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