1. It turned out that the small MHS-PM1 reproduces colors especially saturated.
  2. The white balance of the camera worked reliably and the colors were reproduced quite lifelike.
  3. As so often in this class of camera, the PM1 was most likely to have difficulty reproducing blue and violet tones quite accurately.
  4. In order to better assess the image quality, the editors compared the PM1 to the Sony MHS-CM1 and found only slight differences between the two.
  5. Both models were better overall in color than the pocket-sized Kodak Zx1 and Flip UltraHD.
  6. Difficulties with movements For the Sony MHS-PM1 produced slightly more noise in bright ambient light than the Flip Ultra HD.
  7. Nevertheless, Sony’s picture noise remained at a comparatively low level.
  8. It created many artifacts, but also wiping effects (see video below – heavily compressed by YouTube).
  9. Although the PM1 was not particularly sensitive to light in the, the images were not bad in low light environments.
  10. The colors were still reproduced faithfully, even if they did not look quite so saturated.
  11. The Sony MHS-PM1 is overall a very average representative of its class, so the rating.
  12. Nevertheless, it showed mostly acceptable results, only with very little light in the area, it could hardly be used.
  13. They are recorded at a rate of 30 frames per second and stored on the Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo.
  14. The videos are recorded in MPEG4 format, as this format is ideal for transferring clips to PC or the Internet.
  15. Pivoting Lens for Widescreen FormatThe Sony MHS-PM1 has a very small lens that only has a digital zoom – it’s a fixed focal length equivalent to 57 millimeters in a 35mm camera.
  16. However, the small lens is movably mounted and can capture a picture detail of 270 degrees.
  17. Therefore, recordings in widescreen 16: 9 can be made.
  18. Their focal length then corresponds to 47 millimeters (small picture equivalent).
  19. In addition, the Schwenklinse acts as a power switch: When it is rotated, the Webbie camera goes on.
  20. Small as the lens is also the display of MHS-PM1: It measures 1.8 inches in the diagonal (4.6 centimeters).
  21. If you turn the lens backwards, you can film yourself looking at the screen: Very handy for people who have their own thoughts, comments, etc.
  22. The Sony MHS-PM1 is particularly suitable for the production of videos that will later be shown on a small area.

Sony MHS PM1

Sony MHS PM1

Sony Mhspm1 Webbie Hd Camera

Record HD MP4 video and 5MP images then easily upload them directly to the web with the Sony MHSPM1 Webbie HD Camera. CC

Sony Webbie Camcorder Mp Camera Mhs Pm Hd Sample Video Mp Format

Sample Video MP4 HD uploaded through PMB program that comes with the camera. These videos can not be edited with Windows

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