1. For this, the operating concept puts a lot of obstacles in the way of a semi-professional use.
  2. GPS receiver to save coordinates with the recording.
  3. This is mainly because it makes no weaknesses.
  4. So it is characterized by very clean pans, coupled with low noise.
  5. This scores especially in the interior and in low light.
  6. Nevertheless, you do not have to do without the unerring automatic functions.
  7. But the market leader has created a bulky equipment package here – and above all, picture and sound quality are very neat.
  8. And indeed, the HDR-XR520E does more than compete in low-light.
  9. No manual sound control possible = serious disadvantage!
  10. Music recordings with quiet passages are not possible with this unit – not even with an external microphone.
  11. There? There is no wind protection for the built-in microphone for external recordings, is also one of the strikingly striking negative points, a problem that is in turn losbar with a good, external microphone.
  12. Nevertheless, overall a good to very good device, because the lack “no manual Tonaussteuerung possible” before the purchase was known and the picture is currently “Best in class”.
  13. But so far I have – thank God – still needed no service.
  14. The alternative computer editing is unfortunately very bad or not possible with the HDR-XR520E on “normal” home computers due to the incredibly large hardware hunger of the AVCHD encoding.
  15. It drew a somewhat dark picture: The XR520VE does that, so that bright areas of the picture still receive enough drawing, but in situations with varying degrees of illumination, it can lead to dark spots in the picture showing no details at all.
  16. However, this could be circumvented with manual exposure, according to the editors.
  17. More resolution – less sensitive to lightThe Sony HDR-XR520V showed in the images (see video below) that it can not capture movements as clearly as the Canon HF S100.
  18. The XR520V is one of the new video cameras that offer increased resolution but lower photosensitivity.
  19. So the Sony showed a similar dark picture in low light in the environment as the HF S100, but the colors were shown more accurate.
  20. In addition, there was very little image noise in this recording situation.
  21. Although the photosensitivity has fallen compared to the previous model, the resolution has increased without the image noise also increasing at the same time, as is often the case.
  22. Especially due to its low image noise, the XR520V is highly recommended.
  23. The high resolution and quality of the images is due to the 1 / 2.9-inch Exmor ™ R CMOS sensor come about.
  24. The lens of the HDR-XR520VE is quite bright (1: 1.8-3.4) and offers a 15x optical zoom.
  25. But that’s not all – an electronic viewfinder is also available.
  26. Programmable rotary knob and GPSThe Sony HDR-XR520VE also has manual adjustment options.
  27. With the help of a programmable rotary wheel you can focus manually and control the aperture.
  28. An optical image stabilizer ensures quieter shots.
  29. In addition, the HDR-XR520VE has Smile-Shot face recognition built into it.
  30. If desired, this feature shoots a photo during the shot as the filming person smiles.
  31. The existing Dynamic Range Optimizer also enhances shots taken in difficult lighting conditions.
  32. Using GPS and the map index, video clips are located on a map that appears on the display.
  33. Reacting to trendsThe Sony HDR-XR520VE reacts with his programmable wheel presumably to the enthusiasm of the buyers anders, who have praised this feature with other devices very much.
  34. Aperture placed on the manual ring and focus controlled via the touch screen.
  35. In the monitor display one misses the usual information about shutter speed, aperture and gain.
  36. And even those who want to customize his shots in appearance, Sony has no luck.
  37. Neither color nor sharpness, let alone a cinegamma correction are present.

Sony HDR XR520VE

Sony HDR XR520VE

Sony HDR XR520VE

Sony Hdr Xr520ve


Review Sony Hdr Xrve

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New Original Sony RMT 835 Remote Control Part Number: 1 479 275 51 For HDR XR520V HDR XR520VE HDR XR550 HDR XR550E HDR XR550V HDR XR550VE NEX VG20 NEX VG20E

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