1. Ambitious filmmakers find in the PJ320 hardly interesting features, and newcomers and occasional filmmakers could hardly recognize an advantage over a smartphone, especially since you have this anyway.
  2. A camera like the PJ320 is not small enough to always be suspected.
  3. Neither in the picture quality nor in the equipment, the PJ320 can settle here clearly enough.
  4. For normal applications it makes a compact Sony HDR-PJ 320 a good figure, but with fast-moving subjects it has his difficulties.
  5. It brings along a decent basic equipment, even has a microphone connection – but unfortunately no headphone output.
  6. The small LED projector in the lid of the display can convince quite well with a brightness of 13 lumens even in bright surroundings.
  7. This way, the integrated projector can be used twice.
  8. On the other side, the 3-inch display is housed, which resolves with 230,000 pixels.
  9. RecordingFor the video recording, the MPEG4-AVCHD format is eligible, which allows Full HD with 50 frames.
  10. In addition, you can also select 50 fields and 1.440 and 720 resolutions.
  11. For extended sound recording, an external microphone can be connected, but unfortunately the headphone output is missing.
  12. AUDIo The SNR of the built-in microphone is absolutely fine.
  13. Sony HDR-PJ320E HARD COMPETITION Having the best camera in the world, the HDR-PJ320 has a significant positioning problem today.

Sony HDR PJ320E

Sony HDR PJ320E

Sony HDR PJ320E

Обзор Sony Hdr Pj320e Новая камера!

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Sony Hdr Pje [Video Test]

Shooting at night – Съёмка ночью.

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