1. With Sony one remains rather in the automatic mode, this supplies however for it due to the new optics absolutely practicable results.
  2. It’s easy to get used to the smart details, but it’s a shame to do without the beautiful display on the front.
  3. If you can do without help such as histogram or a setting of the image characteristics and rely primarily on the very good automatic mode of the camera, here gets a nice piece of technology for a reasonable price.
  4. Ambitious filmmakers who want more control while filming, Sony refers unintentionally to the competition.
  5. Apart from that, it also offers a very good image quality, plus specialties such as the GPS receiver; also a very lush fixed memory.
  6. Only with the size of the display does the miniaturization step displease us, especially since the camera has not become more compact or lighter.
  7. It worked well 1A, only when I learned that the CX700VE is out and this already the new image quality (25p and 50p) offers, I switched to this.
  8. The picture quality is really good, but there are also some criticisms.
  9. Nightshot is active and is switched off, you have to umautlich activate iAuto (s.
  10. MB equals 3 minutes 44 recording in highest 50p quality.
  11. Direct playback of data to PC not possible: recordings must first be temporarily copied to the PC.
  12. Built-in 5.1 microphone picks up all the noise (especially cameraman) – Medium windscreen of built-in microphone: Can be activated via menu.
  13. The camera has become smaller, but then also offers less space for the hands and accessories.
  14. The 3 “screen is not as big as the 3.5” screen of the predecessor.
  15. This Sony had to notice already in the development.
  16. The previous version (CX550, XR550) does not have this problem.
  17. For 1239 euros one can demand that such functions also work perfectly.
  18. Since I have exchanged my first CX700VE for this defect and already report three other owners of this problem, one can assume that it is a general production / development error of this camera.
  19. Nightshotfunktion written, but still get no feedback (as of 27.03.2011).
  20. Both of them are good at swallowing the obligatory Sony Memory Pro Duo Sticks as well as SDHC and SDXC memory cards.
  21. Very timely? At this point, Sony offers a touch screen for menu display.
  22. However, less demanding users can also select the MPEG2 recording format with 720 x 576 pixels and pack much more film time on the memory chip.
  23. The Exmor R sensor is particularly sensitive to light and, in conjunction with the Bion processor, promises noise-free, clear images even under poor lighting conditions.
  24. The lens has an initial focal length of 26.3 millimeters and shows up as a wide angle with ideal party or landscape characteristics – the image now offers real added value.
  25. Whether you still want to use the 120x digital zoom remains to be seen.
  26. In mid-March 2011, the delivery date should be and firsts will show whether Sony can keep the quality.

Sony HDR CX700VE

Sony HDR CX700VE

Sony HDR CX700VE

Sony Hdr Cx700v Review Whoa!?

Sony HDR-CX700V review. Blunty3000 takes a stroll around the HDRCX700VE to see what its got on offer, does it suck, or is it the

Sony Hdr Cxve Nagrania Testowe / Cx Handycam Test Footage [Hd]

Nagrania testowe z kamery Sony HDR-CX700VE. Jest to model o najbogatszym wyposażeniu i możliwościach spośród gamy “

New Original Sony RMT-835 Remote Control Part Number: 1-479-275-51 For HDR-CX700E HDR-CX700V HDR-CX700VE HDR-CX730E HDR-CX740E HDR-CX740VE HDR-CX760E HDR-CX760V HDR-CX7EK HDR-CX7K HDR-CX900 HDR-CX900E

New Original Sony RMT 835 Remote Control Part Number: 1 479 275 51 For HDR CX700E HDR CX700V HDR CX700VE HDR CX730E HDR CX740E HDR CX740VE HDR CX760E HDR CX760V HDR CX7EK HDR CX7K HDR CX900 HDR CX900E

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