1. Wide-angle or even a true zoom is missing, but thanks to the good macro function, close-ups are possible.
  2. With the inflatable float ring reminiscent of a dinghy, the HMX-W350 can not sink and be easily re-fished, in case it should go overboard.
  3. The laterally positioned power button can still be operated despite being covered, the remaining function buttons are freely accessible.
  4. Technical featuresThe general trend towards Actioncam is also followed by Samsung with its W350, which you have to hold in your hand and at best secure with a loop on your wrist.
  5. For around 200 EUR you can record beautiful videos in an action-packed environment, which can still exist over very expensive actioncams like the Hero 3 by GoPro.
  6. In addition to an excellent and simple operation but you can also accept some technical limitations.
  7. This includes the fixed focal length, which knows no zoom and sets in the wide angle at 38 millimeters (35mm format).
  8. The lens offers a light intensity of 1: 2.2, which can still perform very well in low light, but breaks down into finer structures.
  9. In contrast, the W350 is in good light conditions in their element fully and convincing with sharp video recordings in Full HD format.
  10. An electronic image stabilization is intended to compensate the proper movements and fulfill their purpose.
  11. If the camera falls to the ground during use, it was allowed to put it away without damage, according to the manufacturer, because a permissible fall height of two meters is printed on the housing.

Samsung HMX W350

Samsung HMX W350

Samsung HMX W350

Samsung Hmx W350 Wodoodporna Camera Sportowa Unboxing Prosto Z Kartonu

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Samsung Hmx W

Features List: – 2.3-inch LCD screen – 5-megapixel 1/3.2″ CMOS sensor (up to 16m software) – 1080 HD video recording enabled (

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