1. No input for separate microphone. Small zoom range, zoom factor only: 7 times.
  2. Thanks to its special design, left-handers can easily serve it.
  3. So left-handed filmmakers can enjoy the same ease of use as right-handers.
  4. In response to handle positioning, the magnetic sensor in the HMX-Q10 detects the angle and rotates the LCD screen for easier viewing.
  5. The user can easily control the functions via the LCD screen.
  6. The HMX.Q10 records video in 1920×1080 / 60i Full HD format.
  7. Technical equipmentWith a weight of about 230 grams, the HMX-Q10 presents itself in the usual construction length of 120 millimeters.
  8. For the particularly good picture quality the Schneider-Kreuznach lens is partly responsible and offers a very good light intensity.
  9. In the wide angle at 38.3 millimeters corresponding to the small picture format you can record with the front panel F1,8.
  10. The 10x optical zoom extends the focal length to 383 millimeters in the telephoto with an aperture of F2.5.
  11. If this is not enough, you can double the focal length with the digital zoom.
  12. For a quiet Motivfuhrung and shake-free recordings provides a very effective image stabilizer.
  13. The 2.7-inch display with touch screen function loosens with just 230,000 pixels.
  14. In strong sunlight, the recognition of the subject is much more difficult.
  15. For connecting external devices you can use mini HDMI, USB 2.0 and AV output.
  16. Video recordingThe Full HD recording is done with 50 fields and only at 720p can be taken 50 frames.
  17. The image quality exceeds even the more expensive H300 of the manufacturer, but you have to accept the sound quality decent drawdowns.
  18. The videos are stored as MP4 file on the memory cards – photos as JPEG.
  19. The device is equipped with the so-called switch-grip function, which adjusts the image orientation on the display automatically depending on the shooting situation.
  20. Not so with the HMXQ 10 from Samsung: The device can namely adjust the image orientation automatically, as soon as the shooting angle is changed.
  21. In addition, it scores with a high-speed 10x optical zoom lens as well as with a dual image stabilizer, which effectively reduces the disturbing blurring of free hand shots not only by short shutter speeds, but also by movements of the lens elements in the lens.
  22. Another highlight is the trend-setting BSI sensor, whose diodes are illuminated from the back and therefore can collect almost 40 percent more light than conventional CMOS chips.
  23. Although this technology was already developed in late 2008 by the US company Omnivision.
  24. To date, however, chips have not been widely used in consumer electronics devices.
  25. In this country, the device will be available in March 2011 in silver and titanium.
  26. How much the manufacturer will ask for the model is not yet clear.
  27. The special feature of the Q 10 is its design: it can be held with the right and left hand.
  28. To do this, the filmmaker turns it 180 degrees – and the control image on the LCD swirls with.
  29. The ring-shaped zoom rocker at the rear further supports this variability.
  30. The classically built H 300 is based on the predecessor H 200, but is more compact.

Samsung HMX Q10

Samsung HMX Q10

Samsung HMX Q10

Samsung Hmx Q10 Camcorder Test Full Hd Vs Hd

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Here is a video showing me opening and using my new Samsung HMX-Q10 camcorder. This is an affordable camcorder that I will

Samsung HMX-Q10 HD Camcorder Ultra Compact With 10x Optical Zoom (Black)

Samsung HMX Q10 HD Camcorder Ultra Compact with 10x Optical Zoom (Black)

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