1. The manufacturer attaches more importance to image quality with this model than to features such as Full HD, which can already be used with compact digital cameras.
  2. Nevertheless, one does not have to do without a good resolution in the F80.
  3. With 1080 x 720 pixels at 30 frames per second you can already produce usable videos.
  4. Unfortunately, that does not conform to the European HD standard, which requires a resolution of 1280×720.
  5. As a special feature, the backlight (BSI) of the CMOS sensor is mentioned, so that the image quality is maintained even in poorer light conditions.
  6. With the “Record Pause function” in which short interruptions are built into the recording, the later post-processing on the PC should be simplified.
  7. The connection to the processing devices via USB and the demonstration of the film can be performed with the HDMI interface.
  8. However, since the resolution does not conform to the standard, some devices can cause display errors or
  9. Zoom and Bediengerausche were clearly audible on the sound recordings, the overall sound sounded spongy.
  10. Manufacturer Samsung has a heart for left-handers: The Q 20 can be good to use even if the screen is located on the right side of the device.
  11. The display on the touch screen is then also turned over, and the zoom lever can be operated just as well as in the “normal” posture.

Samsung HMX F80

Samsung HMX F80

Samsung HMX F80

Review Samsung Hmx F80 Camcorder

Here is a review of the Samsung HMX F80 Digital Camcorder. Samsung HMX F80: amzn.to/12cbYuf ———————————–

Samsung Hmx F Camcorder P Hd Test

This is a video test of the 52X optical zoom and Anti-Shake setting on my new Samsung HMX-F80 HD Camcorder. I’m at the

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Replacement IA BP105R Battery and Battery Charger for Samsung HMX F80, HMX F80BN, HMX F80SN, HMX F90, HMX F90BN, HMX F90WN, HMX F800, HMX F900, HMX F900WN, SMX F50, SMX F50BN, SMX F53, SMX F54, SMX F500, SMX F501, SMX F530, SMX F70, SMX F700, HMX H300, HMX H300BN, HMX H303, HMX H304, HMX H305, HMX H320 Camcorder

  1. This way, I not only have 2 spares, but I can charge one battery in the charger and the other one while it is connected to the camera.
  2. Lights up red when you insert a dead battery and changes to green when the charge is complete.
  3. I can’t tell how long the battery lasts because I use the camera sparingly.
  4. However, if you already have a battery, having an extra is the best thing.
  5. Battery fit perfectly and I like the fact that it comes with an extra battery.

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