1. UW-housing you can also operate under water easily.
  2. Series pictures succeed with three, six and ten pictures.
  3. On the back, the display facilitates operation and orientation of the camera.
  4. The picture quality is neat, but the colors seem a bit artificial.
  5. Videos passable, but with artificial light but bluish and too bright.
  6. Live video streaming via WLan, white balance adjustable, self-timer.
  7. For diving purposes, the S50 is recommended only very limited: The video rushes clearly.
  8. In the Rollei we liked the crisp colors, only in dark areas it comes to detail.
  9. Unfortunately, the mountings were disguised by the weight of the camera when freestyling with the board – which culminated in the fact that in the two mounted on the landboard brackets broke in almost the same place.
  10. The pictures are colorful and detailed, but rather dark and have a bluish cast.
  11. In low and backlight details remain on the track, the sound is good.
  12. Some things can be corrected with the many picture and sound possibilities.
  13. Structures and writings further away were still recognizable in action.
  14. In the practice in the ski hall, however, the automatic white balance could not score.
  15. It was noticeable that this changed very often, although in the hall always about the same lighting conditions prevailed.
  16. Deal and especially interesting for those who are looking for a camera with an excellent price-performance ratio.
  17. In addition, the operation is easy, and the picture quality is at a good level.
  18. The S-50 WiFi is a very small action camera with the dimensions 6 x 5 x 2.5 centimeters.
  19. Without protective housing and without battery, it weighs 80 grams and is therefore particularly well suited as a helmet camera.
  20. Robust housingWeather-resistant processing guarantees action photo spa? also in winter areas.
  21. The sturdy camera can also handle a drop of three meters.
  22. If you put them in the supplied protective housing, you can dive with them to a depth of 60 meters.
  23. The brightness can be adjusted depending on the depth.
  24. So there is a diving mode to 15 meters depth and a deep sea mode for deeper dives.
  25. Thus, in addition to the immersion-resistant variant, one that is only splash-proof, available, but this allows for a better sound.
  26. This is particularly favorable when used on a motorcycle ride.
  27. Due to its small size, the integrated display can only be two inches wide.
  28. Powerful working videos are recorded in full HD, a time-lapse feature is available.
  29. Slow-motion shots can be taken with 60 frames per second (1080i).
  30. Even Uberkopfaufnahmen succeed thanks to the 180-degree function well.
  31. Up to 100 minutes you can film at 720p and 30 frames per second.
  32. If you want to work with 1080i and 60 frames per second, you can get there in an hour.
  33. However, there is a second lithium-ion battery in the box, so that the recording time can be doubled with a small interruption.
  34. So that it does not get boring, you can replace the front panel of the camera.
  35. So you have an orange camera and sometimes a black, blue or yellow in your hand.
  36. It sits in a stable, up to 60 meters deep polycarbonate housing.
  37. UW-housing you can also operate under water easily.
  38. Series pictures succeed with three, six and ten pictures.
  39. A tripod thread sits on the camera and at up to 60 meters depth waterproof and three meters fail safe protective housing.
  40. The basic functions of the cleanly processed camera can be controlled via five buttons, which are however not labeled.

Rollei S 50 WiFi

Rollei S 50 WiFi

Rollei S 50 WiFi

Rollei Actioncam S 50 Wifi Standard Edition Im Test Unboxing Und Hands On

Rollei Actioncam S50 WiFi bei Testsieger.de: bit.ly/1xRUkrH Mehr Action-Cams im Test auf Testsieger.de: bit.ly/1jhDrOP

Rollei Actioncam S Wifi Video Review Better Than Gopro?

This is a video review and unboxing of the Rollei Actioncam S50 WiFi. This is an alternative to the GoPro and from our initial

Rollei S-50 Wifi Standard Edition

Rollei S 50 Wifi Standard Edition

  1. Full HD Resolution (1080p) guarantees breath-taking results in optimal quality.
  2. You can increase the frame rate up to 60 fps (1080i) to capture crystal clear slow-motion images.
  3. The video time lapse function gives you a whole new outlook for video recordings and boasts intervals!<

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