1. Thanks to the built-in high-intensity LEDs, the quad can also fly at dusk, and the built-in 6-axis gyro also allows limited aerobatics.
  2. This succeeds interesting and unfamiliar recordings from the air and that for already 129 euros.
  3. Ready to fly out of the packagingNo screws, no sticking – the quadcopter comes ready assembled out of the packaging like the suffix RtF (Ready to Fly).
  4. However, after inserting the transmitter battery, the flight battery must still be charged.
  5. Color coding helps control Four propellers ensure the necessary stability.
  6. By the colored marking recognizes the pilot aircraft front and rear (red and black propeller) and left (red light) and right (green light) and white? how it has to control the aircraft.
  7. Predestined aerial for camera shotsThe multicopter itself weighs only 157 grams, but can carry about the same weight.
  8. Since most Actioncams with their flyweight, the load capacity of the drone does not exceed, can go with the aircraft and cameras of other manufacturers on trips.
  9. However, you can also buy the helicopter bundled with the RcLogger camera for about 200 euros.
  10. ConclusionWhen Conrad formulated the professional claim of the aircraft, it will not be more than a toy.
  11. Interesting recordings can certainly be completed, especially since it is just a different view than usual.
  12. If you also control the recording in live view via smartphone or tablet, you can control the device in the right direction with the appropriate image detail.
  13. However, if you would like to use Conrad’s quadrocopter for espionage reasons, you should first be well informed about the legal situation.

RC Logger RC Eye One Xtreme

Rc Logger Eye One Extreme Review

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Rc Eye One Xtreme Rcgroups.Com

Jim T. Graham reviews the RC Logger RC Eye One Xtreme. We take a look at this heavy lifting micro quad coupled with the Aerial

Rc Eye One Xtreme Battery Pack (1150mAh)

Rc Eye One Xtreme Battery Pack (1150mAh)

  1. Its increased capacity, while maintaining light weight and small form factor, provides longer flight times for aerial work.
  2. On third charge, it wouldn’t take a charge, and I notice it puffing out.
  3. I unplugged it and put it outside for safety, and hours later it was very puffed out.
  4. I did not crash (hard) while flying with it, nor did I charge it immediately after using it while it was still warm.
  5. I think it was just a bad unit, which happens, and I do not read anything more into it because based on the high quality of their drone, I doubt they would go cheap on the batteries they have their name on.

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