1. Some motives, however, benefit from a more powerful complexion; as a countermeasure, the setting ‘skin soften’ in the menu is recommended.
  2. However, it is denied functions such as scene editing.
  3. My third criterion was the optical zoom (70x) which is also completely sufficient, since you usually up to max.
  4. I had read a lot of reviews that made me rather insecure rather than a buying decision.
  5. While some of the picture quality black, others found this more than miserable: I can only say so much: With enough light, the film is really not bad, but that is a matter of opinion, and as I said, for amateur and occasional film is Picture quality as far as I can tell that is very fine.
  6. If one has (even) higher demands, one should look around in a different price range.
  7. Since I use the photo function less, I can say relatively little about it, but I was not very focused on this camera with crisp images.
  8. The operation is really easy, and you have made the most necessary settings after a few minutes.
  9. I bought a 16 GB memory card for the camera with which I can film at the highest resolution for 3 hours and 45 minutes.
  10. Partial (very quiet) noises caused by the zoom.
  11. The picture is worse (without exaggeration), than that of my built-in webcam in the laptop.
  12. It looks blurred and washed out, even with the best lighting there is color noise.
  13. I was positively surprised by the microphone, which picks up the sound clearly and clearly.
  14. Also, the handling did not seem to me as bad as criticized in reports.
  15. In any case, I returned the camera at the first opportunity, because for 400 francs (dollars 270), the performance is much too low.
  16. The picture is for the time a hammer (something of bad) Was anybody advise against buying this camera, the money you could throw out of the window just as well !!!!!!!
  17. Its lens offers a particularly large focal length: It has a huge 70x optical zoom.
  18. Despite this great factor, the lens power of the lens is high with values ​​between F1.9 to 5.7.
  19. It should – especially in the telephoto – prevent the shake images by one or more lens elements are movably mounted.
  20. Standard definition resolutionThe Panasonic SDR-S26 uses a CCD sensor sized 1/8 inch as the image converter. is.
  21. In the aspect ratio 16: 9 movies are resolved in 200,000 pixels.
  22. The SDR-S26 has no viewfinder, but offers the user only a 2.7-inch monitor.
  23. If movies are recorded in the more usual 4: 3 ratio, the monitor shows black bars on the sides.
  24. Optimal exposure is provided by automatic programs such as face and scene detection.
  25. The ” intelligent automatic ” will even turn them on automatically when needed.
  26. An incentive for those interested should also be the compatibility of the recording format with the popular YouTube internet platform.
  27. If I want to flicker or just want to watch the stored movies comes: card review.
  28. In handling and in batteryurance, however, they must make compromises, for which the small is extremely portable.
  29. PANASONIC SDR-S 26 EG With the S 26, Panasonic now also offers a card camera for the standard film.
  30. The little brother of the H 80 (page 30) has largely the same functions; But editing scenes and creating playlists are not possible.

Panasonic SDR S26

Panasonic SDR S26

Panasonic SDR S26

Panasonic Sdr S26 Review

This is the Panasonic SDR-S26, runs around $250. Excellent quality, enjoy! NOTE: If you have troubles with Windows Movie Maker,

Panasonic Sdr S (Feedex Kalagedihena Sri Lanka)

PANASONIC SDR-S26 CAMCORDER Imported from UK Used item but in an excellent condition 70x optical zoom MEMA

LCD Screen Display For Panasonic DMC-GS330 GS500 GS328 GS508 SDR-H85 SDR-S50 SDR-T50 SDR-H101 SDR-S7 SDR-S26 ~ DIGITAL CAMERA Repair Parts Replacement

LCD Screen Display For Panasonic DMC GS330 GS500 GS328 GS508 SDR H85 SDR S50 SDR T50 SDR H101 SDR S7 SDR S26 ~ DIGITAL CAMERA Repair Parts Replacement

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