1. Manual audio, pre-recording, recording help, and face tracking are just a few.
  2. While the 16x zoom range is sumptuously dimensioned, the initial focal length of 44.1 mm is too thin.
  3. Its biggest advantages are the small dimensions and the light weight.
  4. If you look closely you can see that the picture is often washed out, especially when panning.
  5. Only when recording still and with sufficient brightness, you can take decent shots.
  6. Equipment is very good, but uses me little, if the picture quality is rather bad.
  7. The movies are crisp on my “HD Ready” LCD TV.
  8. The sound is also reproduced in 5.1 via the HDMI port on the camera.
  9. Apropo sound is great synonymous in the Zoom.I have filmed in my garden Meisen on Meisenknoderl with full 16x zoom and synonymous in the picture are great and through the zoom microphone, I have the bird sounds super clear and clear on it / i>
  10. However, violet is generally one of the most difficult colors for video cameras’ recording sensors.
  11. However, the picture was not quite as sharp as usual.
  12. Therefore, the lower image noise is not only positive, according to the editors: The sharper a picture is, the easier it is to locate image noise.
  13. In a slightly blurred image the noise disappears as well as fine details.
  14. Nevertheless, the SD20 proved to be better than its predecessor model, the Panasonic HDC-SD 9: The SD20 rustled in the dark less than this.
  15. Smooth movementsThe Panasonic HDC-SD20 was able to image movements on average well: Moving objects were reproduced smoothly (video below).
  16. Theers praised the Panasonic HDC-SD20 for its ease of use, making filming a breeze.
  17. Less well liked was that the SD20 could only deliver a below-average sharp picture.
  18. The sensor is a CMOS sensor (called ‘Panasonic’ MOS) measuring 1/6 inch.
  19. Saves videos and photos to SD or SDHC memory cards.
  20. However, the use of the digital zoom is not recommended, since artifacts are intensified in the recordings.
  21. The lens is stabilized by an optical image stabilizer, which minimizes camera shake caused by a restless camera pose.
  22. Touch screen and self-contained autofocusThe Panasonic HDC-SD20 has a 2.7-inch touchscreen that can handle most of the operation.
  23. For example, an object or a person can be marked with the finger on the monitor and the AF tracking function can be activated.
  24. With it, the autofocus then “tracks” the marked object independently and keeps it sharp – no matter where it is located.
  25. Easy to useThe Panasonic HDC-SD20 is especially recommended for those who want to use automatic programs.
  26. Help for successful shots can be found in the menu of the SD20 but plenty: The ” Intelligent automatic function ” not only takes the exposure, but also selects the program itself.
  27. In addition there are the face recognition, the “intelligent contrast control” and the “intelligent scene recognition”.
  28. Either the Panasonic HDC SD20 or the newer model Panasonic HDCD SD66.
  29. Either the Panasonic HDC SD20 or the newer model Panasonic HDCD SD66.
  30. The Amazon user who left the only review on the HDC-SD66, but writes that the device has serious problems with the image stabilizer.
  31. If you see this problem synonymous, send the thing back and take the HDC-SD20.
  32. It is not as powerful, but has many good customer reviews.
  33. For the cost-conscious videographer Panasonic offers with the HDC-SD20 a particularly small, handy and easy-to-use device.
  34. This practical clarifies the advantages and possibly to be taken down smears of the HDC-SD20 on.

Panasonic HDC SD20

Panasonic HDC SD20

Panasonic HDC SD20

Panasonic Hdc Sd20 Main Features Review

A video review, highlighting the main features of the Panasonic HDC SD20 Video Camera.

Panasonic Hdc Sd Testmovie

Short film made by the Panasonic HDC-SD20 HD camera.

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