1. For sound specialists, microphone and headphone connections are on board.
  2. With the optionally available front lens VW-CLT2 it is possible to shoot 3D videos with impressive spaciousness.
  3. Thanks to the high lens quality, crisp video recordings succeed to the edge.
  4. Especially those who have to stay in distance to the filming camera for recording reasons, will soon learn to appreciate the complete transmission of picture and sound, especially as the necessary peripherals – smartphone or tablet – are already available in many households.
  5. This will give the consumer many new features.
  6. However, as one rarely turns in the area of ​​hotspots, one of these functions usually remain closed.
  7. With regard to the video quality and the equipment you can not do anything else.
  8. The new one is a bit brighter, even roaring a little less, the colors are clearer and a bit more real picture.
  9. Overall, the HC-X929 is a very round camera that offers good picture quality and a lot of traditional features.
  10. Impeccable sharp, very good wide angle, much manual control and practical, visual adjustment aids are important purchase arguments for many users, especially in times of smartphones and filming cameras.
  11. With the presented HC-X929 the successful series with improved technology should be continued and the ambitious amateur filmmaker should be able to achieve even better results.
  12. At the sales recommendation of 999 EUR nothing has changed when the new flagship comes on the market.
  13. BSI sensor sensors with background exposure (BSI) certainly bring great advantages in terms of image noise in low light conditions.
  14. And whether the statement of the manufacturer over a 50-percent improvement in this area by the introduction of the BSI technology is true, one must wait.
  15. Furthermore, it is referred to an enlargement of the 3MOS system from 3×1 / 4.1 inches to 3×1 / 2.3 inches, which would mean a significant increase in the exposure area.
  16. At the same time, an exchange of the lens had to take place so that the videographer could carry a real profit.
  17. Unfortunately, the same lens with an initial focal length of 29.8 millimeters (35mm format) has been installed as in the predecessor X909, whereby the exposed area of ​​the sensors does not change significantly, as one would have hoped.
  18. Further equipment As already mentioned, the lens did not change and you get an excellent Leica Dicomar lens with an initial focal length of 29.8 millimeters in the wide angle range.
  19. The excellent light output of 1: 1.5 in connection with the 3MOS BSI sensors will ensure very good pictures, even if the light conditions are not so good.
  20. The 12x optical and 25x intelligent magnification makes it easy to zoom in on the distant subjects.
  21. The excellent hybrid image stabilizer ensures shake-free shots that can be controlled in the 8.8-centimeter touch screen or in the viewfinder.

Panasonic HC X929

Panasonic HC X929

Panasonic HC X929

Panasonic Hc X929

Yoda1803 filmt ab sofort mit seiner neuen Panasonic HC-X929 !☺ In diesem Video stelle ich die Camera kurz vor. Mehr Infos gibt es

Panasonic Hc X Test Deutsch

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