1. The color deviation in artificial light is quite high, probably because of the too warm white balance.
  2. The equipment is good and it offers good sharpness and a successful wide angle.
  3. Other strong points are the low distortion and the good color separation.
  4. Outstanding features include the excellent image stabilizer and exceptional focal length and comparatively high zoom factor.
  5. The camera also makes a round impression for money otherwise.
  6. The very good sharpness paired with good wide angle leave little room for real criticism.
  7. This makes the camera synonymous otherwise the roundest impression of all candidates.
  8. The very good sharpness paired with good wide angle leaves little room for real criticism.
  9. We wanted a camera where you can connect a microphone, the V707 offered in this area a very good price-performance ratio.
  10. For Mac users like me, who are also not technically savvy, downloading them to the computer is simply an impertinence.
  11. Only the latest Macs with iMovie11 can download iFrame formats.
  12. Too bad that Panasonic on software just does not offer anything!
  13. Weeks I am in the possession of the Panasonic HC-V707, have made some nice videos and give here a short assessment.
  14. I do not go into technical data, which can be read at Panasonic.
  15. The quick guide is really very short, does not even explain all the icons shown in the menu.
  16. The manual on the CD or on the Internet, however, is very detailed.
  17. One should therefore expect the price of the same printer cartridge (160 pages).
  18. The menus are of sufficient size and thus easy to read, even in the sun.
  19. Shots from the hand are as stable as a tripod.
  20. Mode, there are sometimes slight overprints in very bright colors.
  21. Likewise, in cloudy skies you can sometimes see a slight pumping of the automatic exposure control.
  22. The playback on TV is so clear and natural, as you would be again at the filming location.
  23. Wind noise is unfortunately unpleasant and extremely noticeable.
  24. A switchable software filtering in the menu brings little improvement.
  25. If you can not live with that, you should buy a microphone.
  26. The Panasonic HC-V707 offers the possibility of many manual settings for special recordings where the I.A.
  27. To operate but you need a PC to read the manual.
  28. However, the information on the system requirements seems completely understated.
  29. A good image stabilization is then already mandatory, since especially newbies when recording nor the steady hand for the clean camera control is missing.
  30. Freehand shots, even in the telephoto range, should look as calm as if they had been taken with the tripod.
  31. The lens offers a usable light intensity of F1.8 in the wide angle and F3.5 in the telephoto.
  32. The focal length range begins at 28 millimeters and extends visually at 21-fold magnification up to 717 millimeters.
  33. In intelligent mode, a 46x magnification is achieved, which yields 1,288 millimeters in 35mm format.
  34. The approximately 300 grams lightweight video camera is very handy and comes to a length of 120 millimeters.
  35. Internally a 1MOS sensor with a size of 1 / 2.33 ” is installed, which in conjunction with the intelligent automatic mechanism ensures good shots, but in low-light conditions, the picture noise quickly.
  36. The 3.0-inch display is bright enough to remain usable even in the sunshine and dissolves with 460,800 pixels.
  37. In addition to the built-in microphone can also connect an external.
  38. Picture and sound qualityWith the intelligent automatic you can always achieve a correct exposure and sharpness, the beginners can fully convince.
  39. Who turns on the noise reduction in low light conditions, gets the image details weggebugelt and must expect spongy results.
  40. The sound recordings are perfectly fine in rooms and when there is no wind – but when it gets windy, it becomes uncomfortable.
  41. Purchase recommendationNewcomers in the field of video recording are led by the intelligent modes very quickly to the achievement experience and are well served with the HC-V707.
  42. If you also want to get a taste of the world of 3D filming, you can do so with Panasonic.
  43. Because even for the HC-V707 the optional 3D adapter from Panasonic is available.

Panasonic HC V707

Panasonic HC V707

Panasonic HC V707

Panasonic Hc V707 1080/50p Fullhd Camcorder

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Panasonic Hc V

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