1. A comparably high-quality optical image stabilizer with 5-axis correction is otherwise sought in vain in this price range.
  2. The new BSI sensor, which increases the light output, also leaves a good impression in the.

Panasonic HC V500M

Panasonic HC V500M

Panasonic HC V500M

Panasonic Hc V500m

Demo and Review of the Panasonic HC-V500M HD Camcorder.

Panasonic Hc Vm Test Full Hd

test footage straight from my camera click settings to watch in 1080.

Nixxell Charger For Panasonic VW-VBK360 And Panasonic HC-V10, HC-V100, HC-V100M, HC-V500, HC-V500M, HC-V700, HC-V700M, HDC-HS60, HDC-HS80, HDC-SD40, HDC-SD60, HDC-SD80, HDC-SD90, HDC-SDX1H, HDC-TM40, HDC-TM41, HDC-TM55, HDC-TM80, HDC-TM90, SDR-H100, SDR-H101, SDR-H85, SDR-S50, SDR-S70, SDR-S71, SDR-T50, SDR-T70, SDR-T71, SDR-T76

Nixxell charger for Panasonic VW VBK360 and Panasonic HC V10, HC V100, HC V100M, HC V500, HC V500M, HC V700, HC V700M, HDC HS60, HDC HS80, HDC SD40, HDC SD60, HDC SD80, HDC SD90, HDC SDX1H, HDC TM40, HDC TM41, HDC TM55, HDC TM80, HDC TM90, SDR H100, SDR H101, SDR H85, SDR S50, SDR S70, SDR S71, SDR T50, SDR T70, SDR T71, SDR T76

  1. Built in 3RD GENERATION JAPANESE LED INDICATOR chip guides charger to stop working once battery is fully charged.
  2. Made with Premium Japanese Parts,Professional Grade , OEM Equivalent or Better !
  3. Fully Decoded Microchip, allows Batteries & charger to work with Original Camera.
  4. World Charger : Comes with Bonus Euro & Car adapter for convenience while travelling.

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