1. For this you get a stronger battery and an optical image stabilizer – and a good two million additional pixels.
  2. The latter, however, do not affect the picture quality appreciably.
  3. The BSI MOS sensor records in a resolution of 10 million.
  4. While in bright light situations, the camera comes to an excellent picture quality, it dulls in darker spaces and loses sharpness and detail.
  5. The darker the subject becomes, the stronger the image noise and blue flicker.
  6. Small wobbles are compensated with the optical image stabilizer.
  7. Moderate sound quality, good battery lifeLeider the microphone absorbs the sounds of the autofocus.
  8. Therefore you should avoid too much zooming during the recording and make all the necessary settings in advance.
  9. It is very light and compact at around 200 grams, fits perfectly in the hand and is intuitive to use.
  10. That in black and white? offered model HC-V210 offers just the beginner in the video films special comfort and guarantees faster success experiences that can soon make you want more.
  11. The manufacturer expresses a sales recommendation for the V210 of 279 EUR, which can certainly pay off.
  12. As already mentioned, the newcomer records with Full HD, which corresponds to a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels at 50 frames per second.
  13. The model V210M (like Memory) also has an internal memory of 16 GB.
  14. As a special feature, the possibility of direct storage on an external hard drive can be evaluated, which can be done via USB 2.0.
  15. Given the low cost of external hard drives over large SD cards, you have a financial advantage and more freedom to record.
  16. Using Eye-Fi memory cards, a wireless data transmission to the receiver can take place.
  17. On the other hand, you can also use the HDMI output (cable is included) for direct playback on a TV or monitor.
  18. The battery has a performance of 1,940mAh, which corresponds to an average runtime of just over two hours – with MP4 recording about 30 minutes longer.
  19. Optionally, Panasonic also offers a twice as powerful battery (VW-VBT380).
  20. OpticalThe lens has a wide-angle focal length of 32.3 millimeters with an aperture of F1.8, which widens by optical zoom from 38x to 1365 millimeters telephoto with a F4.2 aperture.
  21. With the intelligent zoom one should accept no quality losses and increase the zoom range to 72-fold.
  22. For digital image conversion, a BSI MOS sensor with 1 / 5.8 inches is responsible, which should provide thanks to background exposure even in poor lighting conditions for useful shots.
  23. You get a sophisticated Full HD technology for your money.
  24. This is particularly well done with the two sibling pairs of Sony and Panasonic.
  25. Even more elegant would be a solution in which the advantages of both operating concepts are combined.
  26. The trend towards remote control via Wi-Fi has been recorded in this segment so far only Samsung.

Panasonic HC V210

Panasonic HC V210

Panasonic Hc V210 (14 Minute Test)

Check out the Panasonic Camcorder range here : goo.gl/dVlGiJ This is the superb HCV210 camcorder, an great super

Panasonic Hc V Camcorder Overview

Just a random compilation of me and my sister’s trip to London. I thought I would test my new Panasonic HC-V210 out. I should point

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