1. Forest owners simply want to have an overview of the animals that are in their forest or also know who the nature rejoice ravages.
  2. The camera is not only used to monitor the animals, but can also help clear wood theft, vandalism or illegal garbage disposal.
  3. The Maginon WK 2 HD is the latest model offered by Aldi.
  4. FunctionsThe box, which can be fastened by a strap to a tree, is equipped with motion sensors.
  5. If an animal comes close to the camera, the recording is started.
  6. The recordings can be added a time stamp and additional information such as temperature and moon phase.
  7. In addition, you can set the period in which the camera should be active.
  8. While the detection range of the motion sensor is 100 to 120 degrees, the optics only subtend a 50 degree angle.
  9. Varied useWith the game camera, which is available in camouflage color, but also in gray, can be on the one hand wild and on the other hand, the property in general to guard.
  10. Thus, such a camera vandalism, burglary, illegal garbage disposal or theft clear.
  11. However, the attachment of wildlife cameras is highly controversial.
  12. For example, some think that hunters should not simply install cameras in a publicly accessible room, since they are covered by the Federal Data Protection Act as a form of video surveillance.
  13. Others argue that personality rights – from mushroom pickers, for example – were not affected.
  14. Theoretically, one had to draw attention to the surveillance camera with signs, even before the forest visitor got into the field of view of the camera.
  15. However, Jagers fear that the signs would invite thieves to steal the photo trap.
  16. ConclusionThe plastic parts of the housing do not make a stable impression.
  17. After some use could quickly wear to adjust.
  18. The operation of the device proves to be difficult, because important functions are located under the floor plate.
  19. You have to remove the bottom plate to turn on the camera.
  20. Can this – but if it is already attached to the tree – only feel.
  21. For example, the night shots of the Dorr cameras are a lot better.
  22. Some of the candidates can play music and display books, while others act as tour guides or Internet access.
  23. Photography is still one of her main tasks, but some models were not outstanding in that.
  24. The Samsung NV4 offered a positive counterexample here: it is a very good multimedia player, but convinced to the same extent with its image quality.
  25. Fuji has finally developed its FINEPIX Real 3D system so that it should be available to consumers.
  26. At the heart of the 3-D world will be a digital camera that takes two pictures simultaneously with two lenses and two image sensors and then creates a single three-dimensional image out of them.

Maginon WK 2 HD

Maginon WK 2 HD

Maginon Wk 2 Hd (Dk)

Maginon WK2 HD: – 5,0 megapixel – Farveoptagelser om dagen – Sort-/hvid-optagelser om natten – Op til 6 måneders standby-tid –

Wildkamera Maginon Wk Von Aldi

Ich habe sie jetzt auch und bin bis jetzt sehr zufrieden. Einfache Bedienung, die Haken und Ösen aus Plastik sind vorsichtig zu

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