1. The colleagues of Videoaktiv, however, show a video that was taken with 130 lux and 20 lux and clearly shows where the limits of Handycam lie.
  2. In addition to a strong noise, the motion blur is striking.
  3. Technical featuresThe 40x optical zoom lens from Konica-Minolta offers a strong focal length of 1,680 millimeters, corresponding to the 35mm format.
  4. The wide-angle range begins at 42 millimeters and dazzlers are the videographers F1.8 to F6.3 available.
  5. The image control is carried out on a 3.0-inch display with automatic backlight control.
  6. As storage media SD cards can be used, the XC version 64 GB in size. be allowed.
  7. On Youtube you will find a variety of sample videos that demonstrate the ability of the Handycam when good light is available.
  8. A further drawback would be to mention too loud a zoom motor, which penetrates clearly into the picture.
  9. They minimize the blurring that can otherwise be a problem with zoomed recordings.
  10. The video footage looked remarkably pale, and the autofocus engine is clearly audible as soon as it works.

JVC Everio GZ E15

JVC Everio GZ E15

Test Footage Jvc Everio Gz E15

Video samples of the JVC Everio GZ E15.

Sample Video Jvc Everio Gz E

Italiano: Video di esempio della videocamera Jvc Everio Gz-15 Modalità automatica – qualità HD Il video è stato registrato in un

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