1. In contrast to the competitor models Intova presents a waterproof action cam!
  2. Equipped with two small LED lights of the type, Action Video Light AVL ‘, the Edge, X’ is one of the most compact cameras in the.
  3. Matching the sample images on the following page, we have provided the technical data of the cameras as well as comparison videos on the internet at www.unterwasser.de.
  4. With these you can get an accurate picture of where the differences are, and whether it really pays to spend more money on better shots.
  5. As the only action cam in our, the “Edge X” also has a switchable trigger, which works primarily in conjunction with the Intova amphibious “PX 21” fiber optic.
  6. Since this is also no lightning giant, the light is sufficient only for the near range.

Intova Edge X

Intova Edge X Underwater Test Video

Intova Edge X is a great, compact, rugged action cam, capable of 1080p @ 60fps, depth-rated to 60m and has built-in WiFi. We took

Intova Edge X Dive Camera Www.Simplyscuba.Com

www.simplyscuba.com/ The Intova Edge X is a waterproof HD video sports camera capable of recording your dives in full

Intova Neutral Density 2 Stop Lense Filter

Intova Neutral Density 2 Stop Lense Filter

  1. The intova UV Filter (slip-on) for sport HD camera is a 52 mm slip-on 2 stop neutral density Filter used in bright sunlight.
  2. The Filter element is made from acrylic, the ring is polyoxymethylene (polymer) and the O-ring is neoprene.

Buy for $ 7.69

Intova Edge X Waterproof 1080p HD WiFi Video Camera

Intova Edge X Waterproof 1080p HD WiFi Video Camera

  1. The EDGE X’s 160-degree wide-angle lens captures 1080p HD video up to 60 frames per second.
  2. The glass lens port has a proprietary UV treatment that increases scratch resistance and reduces reflection.
  3. The Intova EDGE X Waterproof HD Video Camera’s built in WiFi allows users to operate and see what is on the viewfinder remotely using an iOS or Android tablet or phone & also to enable wireless file transfer using the free Intova EDGE X app.

Buy for $ 167.14

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