1. The only device with a touch-sensitive display for a more comfortable operation.
  2. However, a moderate image stabilization ensures blurred films.
  3. Extras: The battery does not run very long with 115 minutes.
  4. Fitness: The Hero4 is waterproof in the supplied housing to 40 meters depth.
  5. The Hero 4 Silver is clearly the favorite with integrated display.
  6. The GoPro Hero 4 Silver is an incredibly versatile camera whose possibilities we can not all discuss here.
  7. The video quality is excellent, normal photos succeed neatly.
  8. The picture is very good, the camera in the processing perfectly, the operation matured visible.
  9. Integrated touch screen ideal for operation, composition and quick control.
  10. Many mounting options for helmet, head, chest strap and much more available.
  11. This makes the camera far more than a snapshot action companion, but a full-fledged camera.
  12. The video quality of the Hero4 is still very good, despite the lack of image stabilizer.
  13. The most advanced GoPro camera of all time sets completely new standards.
  14. Although it offers to make the recordings in Ultra HD, but that’s no fun.
  15. It only films with 15 seconds, so that the picture does not appear fluid, but a bit jerky.
  16. Anyone who has a Full HD TV anyway will not mind that.
  17. On the contrary: the small difference has a positive effect on the price.
  18. The Silver is with 380 euros for a whole hundredth cheaper.
  19. With integrated displayThe video quality is not the only difference.
  20. The Hero 4 Silver has integrated a display and that although the dimensions do not change.
  21. Multitouch, for example to zoom, is missing as a feature yet.
  22. The operation of the GoPro can also be done with a remote control via Bluetooth or with a smartphone or tablet via WLAN.
  23. The latter is particularly interesting if you want to check the quality of the recording right on the spot – this is rather difficult on the small integrated display.
  24. Further renewalsAlthough they record the sound in mono, the microphone should have improved.
  25. However, there is also the possibility to use an external microphone.
  26. With the Quik Capture function, the video camera, which is also used as a helmet camera, is switched on by pressing the button once and starts recording.
  27. The lens has three Verstellmoglichkeiten and offers an ultra wide angle, which could almost be called a fish eye.
  28. ConclusionIt’s part of an Actioncam, the little Silver is very robust.
  29. GoPro has not only shrunk the case, but also screwed on the operation.
  30. The works now in principle with a single button: A pressure turns on the camera and automatically starts the video recording; pressing again stops recording and turns off the camera.
  31. If you press the button for a longer time, the GoPro will start in continuous mode.

GoPro HERO4 Silver

GoPro HERO4 Silver

GoPro HERO4 Silver

Gopro Hero4 Silver Getting Started (Part I)

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Gopro Hero Silver Vs. Hero Black Comparison And Review

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GoPro HD Hero4 Silver Action Camcorder With Dual Battery Charger And 16GB MicroSD Card

GoPro HD Hero4 Silver Action Camcorder with Dual Battery Charger and 16GB MicroSD Card

  1. There are a number of other frame rates and resolutions as well, including a 100 fps mode ideal for creating slow motion effects that is available in 960p and 720p.
  2. For remote monitoring and operation, the camera is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, letting you pair it with a mobile device or the separately available Smart Remote.
  3. Further promoting its take-anywhere claim, the 131′ Standard Housing is included, and not only keeps the camera dry, it adds an extra layer of protection.
  4. In addition to the bundled flat and adhesive mounts, the camera is also adaptable to a wide range of separately available mounts from GoPro and third-parties – with options to accommodate just about any scenario imaginable.
  5. It has lasted me a couple trips now, mountain biking, snorkeling, hiking and just traveling.
  6. I love having the touch screen and the 3 different cases that come with it tailor to whatever way you want to use it.
  7. I highly recommend getting the cleaning pen or some lense cleaners because the lense and screen smudge light crazy when you have to change batteries and such.

Buy for $ 249.00

GoPro HERO4 Silver Edition Action Camcorder (Certified Refurbished)

GoPro HERO4 Silver Edition Action Camcorder (Certified Refurbished)

  1. Improved Camera Control: New dedicated button enables quick access to camera settings.
  2. Fast, Powerful Photo Capture: Captures high-quality 12MP photos at speeds of up to 30 fps.
  3. Night Photo Lapse: Customizable exposure settings up to 30 seconds for single and Time Lapse Photos.
  4. High-Performance Audio: New Audio System captures clean, high fidelity sound and nearly 2x the dynamic range.
  5. Selecable FOV: Three FOV settings – Ultra-Wide, Medium and Narrow – allow for a broad range of perspectives.
  6. SuperView: Captures the world’s most immersive wide-angle field of view.
  7. Controlling the camera, framing shots and playing back content is now ultra convenient-just view, tap and swipe the screen.
  8. Waterproof to 131-feet (40 meters), HERO4 Silver combines versatility and pro-quality capture with the convenience of a touch display.

Buy for $ 208.78

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