1. The easy and fast switching of the recording modes is exemplary, even if this is more buttons on the housing.
  2. In particular, in the American and Asian area WiFi refers only to a wireless connection to another device, including Bluetooth pays.
  3. Why the manufacturers do not name the child correctly is probably due to marketing reasons.
  4. The manufacturer from China, who is still completely unknown in our countries, estimates that his small video roll will cost around EUR 400 without accessories, which is already beyond Gut and Bose and will hardly have a chance on the European market.
  5. So you can find on the rather meager website of the manufacturer only rudimentary information and two sample videos – the rest of the Google search provides only Chinese characters.
  6. The small dice with integrated video technology is available in gray and red.
  7. How big? the roll is really and how much it weighs, one can only guess or appreciate.
  8. After all, you give information about the depth, which may be up to seven meters.
  9. Video is recorded in full HD mode at 1,920 x 1,080 pixels at 30 frames per second or at 1,280 x 720 at 60 frames per second.
  10. The storage format is MP4 with H.264 compression.
  11. As interface is called only USB and HDMI is also missing.
  12. Android seems to be unknown because there is no support.
  13. A GPS module appears as the only highlight in the equipment that can record its data on the SDHC card with a maximum of 32 Gbyte.
  14. Video reviewThe two tiny trial videos on the manufacturer’s side quickly reveal the weaknesses of the QBiC 1X camcorders.
  15. Despite a moderate angle of only 135 degrees creates a strong fish-eye character in the picture.
  16. Especially the scenes with a lot of blue sky and light from above let the sky surface appear in small square fields.
  17. No Buy recommendationFor the demanding market of athletes, the quality of the videos shown by no means enough and more like a hobby cam for 80 EUR.
  18. The complete lack of accessories makes the offer a nuisance.
  19. We haveed for you what the fancy little dice so on it.

Elmo QBiC X1

Elmo QBiC X1

Elmo QBiC X1

Elmo QBiC X1

Elmo Qbic X1

ビデオサロン3月号のテストレポート記事に関連した動画です。 www.genkosha.com/vs/ www.genkosha.com/vs/report/entry/

Elmo Qbic D

“フル装備””高感度” フィールドムービー QBiC X1/D1 [キュービック エックス・ワン/ディー・ワン] 山に海に空に。 オートバイや自転車、ラジ…Channel


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